Anal craving model seduces the rich host and gets pummeled

Modeling is no easy job, and Vanessa is willing to do whatever it takes to be at the top. As she attends a fancy party, she sees one of her coworkers chatting with the rich host. Instead of letting her do all the work, she steps in and easily seduces him within minutes of flirting. The two rush back into his room, and without wasting a second, the sexy girl starts begging for him to pound her relentlessly. He obliges with joy and whips out his cock, but before thrusting into her, she makes sure to get a good taste. Once she’s lubed him up with her hot mouth, she excitedly jumps onto him and starts the raunchy fun with some naughty cowgirl action. Whilst on top, the babe feels his hands run against her back and down to her tight ass. The moment she felt his fingers circling around her bum, she knew what was about to happen, but instead of stopping him, she eagerly let him use her however he pleased. Despite being tight at first, he quickly stretches her young anus out with his deep thrusts, and she begins enjoying the anal pounding in no time. The harder he plows her from below, the louder the cute brunette gets, and soon enough, she has her first orgasm from his rough anal thrusts. To satisfy his needs, she flips around, spreads her legs, and teasingly points at her bum, which easily mesmerizes him into continuing on with the kinky fun. After having her little asshole pounded for quite some time, she finally felt his huge manhood beginning to throb inside of her. Rather than stop, she continues bouncing onto him vigorously before pulling out and dropping to her knees to take every single drop of cum that he shoots onto her face.






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