It’s Blake’s turn to show us what she’s got in the latest spotlight challenge

It’s Blake’s turn to show us what she’s got in the latest spotlight challenge, and she’s ready to go as deep and hard as she possibly can when she takes every inch of a big cock in her mouth and pussy! The hot horny blonde grabbed his erection and began stroking it with her hands licking her lips with her tongue. Then she turned around with her head over the edge of the bed with her mouth open wide. Slamming his hard dick into her head he began rabbit-fucking her throat. She let him fuck her mouth as hard as he liked, her face covered in drool. Placing his dick between her big titties he began fucking her tits and rubbing his balls against her tits. The naked blonde got on her back and looked into his hungry eyes as he rabbit-fucked her pussy, slapping her tits. The guy was now focused intently on destroying her pussy with his cock. Every ounce of energy he had, all his power went into slamming his cock upwards and deep into her sopping wet pussy. She just screamed and cried, “Aaahhhh…I fucking love your cock.” Pulling her hair back he kept fucking her balls deep from behind. Her titties were bouncing hard back and forth. She spotted another naked guy walking in the hallway and she yelled at him to come to them and give her his dick. It was a big black penis. The guys stood around her, smiling down at her as they stroked their foreskins up and down their huge, fat cocks above her face. Holding their cocks with her hands the crazy slut started sucking them both together. When the black dude filled her mouth with spunk, she swallowed it and yelled “Get the fuck out of here!” She perched herself on her first partner’s cock and began rocking back and forth. When he was ready to shoot, he told her to get on her knees. She was a sperm covered mess. Her face glowed from thick layer of sticky sperm on it. Drips ran down her body. Her blond hair was matted around her face, and streaks of cum decorated it elsewhere.






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