Nursing students need to fully comprehend the nature of the human body

Laya invites her two friends Venus and Nicky over for a group study session. As nursing students, they need to fully comprehend the nature of the human body, the perfect excuse to freeuse each other to study for their finals. The three are very thorough, so they won’t stop until they feel confident with their knowledge, gaining a detailed understanding of the reproductive system. The girls start by exploring each other’s pussies. They take turns touching their clits, fingering their slits and licking their pussy lips. The even play with their assholes. Finally the girls need to study his cock. They take turns playing with his penis and when they see it is getting hard, they try to kiss and lick it. He holds a diagram of the structure of the male reproductive system, telling the girls where to lick and where it is better to caress. The girls get fully naked and lay on the table, spreading their legs so he can take a look at their pussies. Both are wet and waiting to be pleasured. He moves from one young pussy to another examining the beauty of nature’s creation. Finally they need to study a cock riding position, so both naked girls take turns riding him. The girls don’t stop licking their pussies when he fucks them from behind. The girls have never seen semen spurting out and want to experience his ejaculation. He tells them to get on their knees and suck it a little bit. Soon his hot throbbing cock starts squirting sperm all over their faces. Both naked girls put their palms up to catch some. They start playing with the sticky white goo. The spunk drips down their happy faces.






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