Stuck together stepsiblings have to wear one big undie together

Lily and Oliver’s relationship is at its worst. The two stepsiblings are constantly fighting and their stepmom has had it with their rows. Fed up, she comes up with a couple of tricks that will help them get along. From tying them up to making them wear one big undie together, Lily and Oliver slowly start to become closer…perhaps too close! Totally naked the stepsiblings even have to take a shower together. The guy can’t help looking at her amazing big tits. And she can’t help noticing his big penis. Naturally his penis starts getting hard. Her nipples start getting hard too. They are facing each other and his erection is rubbing against her pubic mound. His naked stepsister pushes him up against the shower wall and kisses him. He kisses her back, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her hard against his body. His hands slide down to her big bubble ass and squeezes, making her moan in his mouth. Her hand slip down between them and trace the outline of his throbbing cock. Later that day their mom catches them fighting again. This time she makes the stepsiblings take their cloth off and wear the same panties. Now their pussy and cock are rubbing against each other. Very soon they are kissing and the head of his dick slipping between her pussy lips into her slick slit.


The moment his hot hard cock hits bottom, the moment his balls come to rest against her asshole, she digs her nails into his back and wraps her legs around his forcing him to move faster. He finally mounts her body missionary style. He rams his hard cock between her thighs, invading her swollen, wet pussy lips, entering her cunt balls deep in one thrust bringing her to an instant orgasm that makes her entire body convulse from the intensity. He is pounding into her with even more ferocity pulling his stepsister’s juices from her pulsating body every time he pulls his cock out of her clenching pussy only to shove it back in again. He grabs his dick and starts sucking it like a crazy whore, slobbering her tongue all over his shaft and his balls, covering him in her drool. He keps fucking her doggy style from behind, enjoying the sight of her big bubble ass. The most amazing sight is the busty naked stepsister riding his dick, slamming herself hard down onto him, making her big tits bounce up and down. He is close, he starts cumming, soiling his sister’s pussy with his welled up cum. He squirts deep into her vagina. She can feel his cock pulsating as he cums inside her, shooting his spoils deep into her body. Her pussy cums at the same time, milking his cock of every last drop. Cum is leaking out of her cunt like a waterfall. Their mom is finally happy!






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