30.0 A Normal Day For Ron and Anne

Ron was enjoying an early Sunday morning cup of coffee in the living room when his watch warned him that it was time to start getting ready for church. Getting her a cup of coffee and a piece of toast, he went to wake Anne. As he stepped through their bedroom door, he saw she had thrown off the covers. She was lying on her back, sleeping naked as she often did since the children were grown.

He stood there for a moment admiring the gift God had given him. She was so beautiful in her quiet sleep. Her breasts were slowly rising and falling with each breath; her nipples were erect from exposure to the cool morning air, and her tuft of brown curly pussy hair barely hid her feminine lips.

He hated to disturb her, but time was passing. Setting the coffee and toast on her nightstand, he sat down on the edge of their bed and covered her pussy with his hand. She came awake and reached down to hold his hand with hers. “Don’t press down. My bladder is full,” she said as she moved his hand slightly but not completely away.

“What about French toast?” he asked as he stood and helped her up from the bed. She gave him a thumbs up and headed to the bathroom. He watched her walk away – enjoying the rear view as much as he had the front.

Then he turned and headed for the kitchen while she showered. A short time later, Ron called down the hall to tell her that breakfast was ready. Anne came into the dining room carrying her toast and coffee. She was wearing nothing but a towel covering her hair.

He got up to give her a naked hug to enjoy her bare breasts against his chest. She blushed when he commented that she was wearing his favorite outfit; then responded that he should remember she was always wearing it under her clothing. Her comment created a stir in his Jockeys that she could feel against her pussy. It brought a smile to both of them.

As they sat down for breakfast, Ron could not keep his eyes off Anne’s breasts, presenting beautifully over the top of the breakfast table. They seemed to sway with her movements as if they were completely independent of the rest of her body, and the nipples were still hard from the cool air in the room.

Finished with breakfast, they stood for him to give her a last naked hug. This time he cupped one breast as if weighing it while feeling its softness. Then they broke their hug and went to the bedroom to finish getting ready for church.

After church, they went to lunch with another couple. By 2 o’clock, they headed home, ready for a Sunday afternoon nap. Changing out of their church clothes into shorts and t-shirts, they went into their wooded back yard to enjoy an exceptionally pleasant fall day.

Anne lay on her Chase Lounge while Ron began rubbing her feet. As she drifted off to sleep, she said, “I am in the mood for some play time (her term for sex) when we wake up.” That sounded like a very good idea to Ron. He continued rubbing until he felt the “sleep twitching” that indicated she was settling into a deep sleep. He then went to his lounge chair to lay down.

An hour or so later, Anne woke. She got up and slipping off her shorts and panties, she straddled Ron squatting on his manhood. The movement immediately woke him. He sat up making her lean back on his thighs as he did. She drew up her knees and spread her legs to make her pussy lips open and expose her lady bits. Ron’s erection began responding immediately.

He began to gently massage her feminine lips, pleased as he watched them swell with desire. As he stroked her lips, he began to bump her clitoris giving her a tiny erection of her own.

Her muscles began to tighten, lifting her pelvis off his thighs and she started leaking. Then with a groan, she lost complete control and began to ejaculate. A stream of feminine fluid hit Ron’s chest as her contractions began. Gradually the stream ended leaving both of them soaked.

She reached for Ron’s hands. He took hers instead; then leaning back, he pulled her into a sitting position over what had now become his pronounced erection. She pushed herself up to stand still straddling him. Reaching down, she pulled his shorts and Jockeys down releasing his erection. Then reaching between her legs, she guided him into her vagina as she sat back down. She then started riding him cowgirl style until she felt him swell and ejaculate inside her.

As they came down from their afterglows, she leaned forward on to his chest and they cuddled for more than a few minutes. Ron finally said they needed to get cleaned up for church that night. They got up, gathered their clothing and holding hands, went back inside for a shower. Both were thinking that marriage is wonderful.

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