Christmas Day Continues (L)

This post contains strong language (L).

This is a continuation of my story called Christmas Morning.

My wife is still gasping after coming hard. I move her panties back over her pussy and gently rub her mound through her panties. Wifey is relaxing and snuggling into me. My cock is rock hard and needs attention and she knows it. Just as she starts to move down the bed to suck my cock, the kids come charging into the room. Talk about bad timing …

Christmas day has now begun. It’s the usual chaos of family, lots of talking, laughing, kids playing, and getting food ready for Christmas lunch. We’ve had breakfast, passed out the gifts, and hugged our way around the room. It’s always such a special and fun day.

Whilst I’ve been engaged and enjoying the morning, I’ve also had an itch only my wife can scratch. I will find time at some point during the day to fuck her; I need to put my cock inside her.

My wife heads upstairs to shower and get ready for lunch. I don’t see her leave, but had I known, I would have run behind her. Wifey texts me, Upstairs now. This is the only invitation I need. I excuse myself, saying I’m going to take a shower before lunch.

I head upstairs to our bedroom and find her sitting on her chair. She is only wearing the satin bra and panties from this morning. Her legs are open so that I can watch her stroke herself. It’s so fucking hot. My cock is instantly hard.

She says, “Take your clothes off.” I hurriedly comply.  All the while she continues to play with herself. Then it’s, “Come here.” When I walk over to her, she reaches up and puts her pussy soaked fingers into my mouth. I suck each finger and enjoy the taste of her juice.

She reaches for my cock, slowly takes the pre-cum, which is dripping off my cock, and wipes it around the shaft.  Focusing on my cock head, she slowly licks and sucks it. Little by little, she takes more of my cock into her mouth, sucking the shaft whilst caressing my balls. I look down to see my cock inside my wife’s mouth as she strokes her pussy. It drives me crazy.

Stopping to pull my cock out, she asks, “Do you want to cum?”

Oh God, yes! I nod vigorously.

“Do you want me to swallow or do you want my pussy?”

I respond, “I want your pussy.”

“Good,” she says and pushes me back. Standing up and taking her panties off, she reminds me, “We need to be quick. Our guests are waiting.” Jumping onto the edge of the bed, she opens her legs and tells me, “Come and fuck me. I need your cum inside me—pump me full of it.”

I step towards her. She is on the edge of the bed with her thighs apart. I stand between her legs and nudge my cock head against her clit. Stroking her pussy lips with my cock makes her get so wet. I can’t wait any longer. I drive my cock deep inside her pussy and hold it for a moment. She sighs and wriggles her ass closer to me.

“Come on, fuck me! Take me, fill me up!”

So I start pumping my cock hard into her pussy. It doesn’t take long; I can feel myself wanting to explode. I tell her I want to cum, and she responds, “Please, please, cum! I want it, I want your cum, fill me up!”

And with that, I explode my hot load of cum inside her pussy. I keep pumping until each drop is inside her. As I step back, she sits up and takes my cock inside her mouth again. Then she pulls off and says, “God, you taste good.”

She slaps me on the bum and says, “Right, let’s get showered, and have lunch because I want to fuck you again before dinner.”

And with that, she strides off to the shower.

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