Rough Loving

So much has changed in our lives since our last post. Our daughter and her husband moved back to town and are now expecting. Our oldest son is now dating, and my wife and I each started a study on sex within marriage at our church. My wife talks with the ladies, while I talk with the men. It’s been a struggle starting this, but it’s now become a very special time.

Last week we had our weekly meeting time and finished up about 15 minutes later than usual. After I cleaned up the room I was teaching in, I went to find my wife. Opening the door, I saw her bent over, grabbing something out of her bag. I snuck up behind her and grabbed her big ass.

“Hey sexy,” I said.

She startled. “You scared me! I thought you were someone else!”

I laughed and kissed my beautiful wife with passion. I knew I was at church, but I couldn’t help flirting with my wife like this. She’s so damn sexy. Her short black dress was just too good-looking on her. I started to touch her a little more…

“Stop babe, not here,” she said.

“Come on, there’s nobody here.”

She kept denying me. So I settled down as best I could and helped her finish packing up.

“What did y’all talk about in here?” I asked.

“We talked mainly about the best ways to please our spouses, and it turned into a honestly sexy conversation.”

I looked up at her, “Really? How so?”

“Well, Kathy (she’s a young woman who we are helping in her new marriage) talked about how she has grown to love to have sex with her husband. She even looks forward to finding ways daily to please him.”

“Wow, seems like things are going well here.”

She nodded in agreement.

“Lucky for them they get to learn from the sex master in you.”

My wife laughed as we walked our bags out to the car. We loaded the car up, and my wife looked back at the empty parking lot.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she said, then, “Are you really that horny, hon?”

I pulled her close after she said that and put her hand on my jeans so she could feel my growing erection.

“With you, I always am,” I said.

“Let’s go back inside.”

I followed her back inside, and we entered the sanctuary. My wife and I lay on the pew and started making out. I pulled her dress off and left her in her bra and panties. I wanted to go down on her, but she had other ideas.

“Not yet. I want you first.”

I sat up straight, and she pulled my shirt and jeans off and left me in my boxers. My hard cock was pointing straight up; she pulled it out and took it into her mouth. We sat naked in our sanctuary as my wife fucked my cock with her mouth.

“Oh god, hon.” I continued to moan as she deep throated me and fondled my balls. She started to touch herself and was getting close to an orgasm of her own.

“Yeah, babe, you like this? Mm-hmm, you like when I suck your big cock? Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum just sucking you. Oh fuck.”

I finally told her to stop sucking, put her on the pew, dove between her thick thighs, and attacked her with my tongue. She screamed throughout the sanctuary as she was brought to a fiery climax.

“Make me yours.” She said this in between panting breaths. Bending her over the pew, on her knees, I spread her ass. My cock rubbed against her pussy lips until I finally entered her and pounded her hard. First, my hands grasped her hips, and then moved to her ass cheeks. My balls slapped into her ass while we both continue to moan.

“Oh fuck, honey, your cock is so big.”

“Yeah, you like that.” I slapped her ass.

“I like when you’re rough with me,” she said.

As I got closer to cumming, I pulled her hair. My hands roamed her bottom until my finger found her asshole. I continued to fuck my wife, but brought her to another orgasm when I lightly slipped my finger in her ass. We’ve been exploring anal and took a first step here.

I was about to climax. I pulled out of her, and she took me into her mouth again as I unloaded my hot cum. She swallowed my load and enjoyed all of this sexy moment.

We continue to find ways to make love and explore our sexual freedom within the bounds of marriage. Thank God for this great gift. We look forward to seeing future stories and sharing our own hot stories.

My wife and I also wanted to thank a few authors specifically for their additions. They have made us so horny and have brought us togther in bed like never before. We love all we have seen on MarriageHeat, but I wanted to shoutout specifically to hornyGG, CreamyPatty, LovelyLonelyLady, LovingMan, MatureWife66, and Honeymooners.

Keep writing everyone. We love the stories and love the hot sex. Praise God!

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