Toy Shopping III (L/A)

This post contains strong language (L) and anal penetration (A).

(Continued from Toy Shopping II)

“So … my turn?” she asked.

It took me a minute to come down from my euphoric state. Meanwhile, she got fully undressed and took a finger full of coconut oil before lying down on the bed next to me. She was already quite wet, but the coconut oil is always a good additive, and it’s good for vaginal health. She spread it all over her clit, down to her pussy, and began rubbing herself.

I lay back, taking in the moment, as my cock began to regain blood flow. I got up to spray and wipe off the dildo with the toy cleaner we bought. As she touched herself, she let out heavy exhales, which emphasized her heat. I lay on my side facing her with the toy in my hand and held it up to her mouth, and she began to lick around the head.

“Mmm,” she mumbled with the dildo in her mouth.

“Do you want this in your pussy? Tell me you want this toy* in your pussy.”

She let out a moan. “Yeah, I want it in my pussy. Please, I want it in my pussy.” I began rubbing it around her wet hole before putting it in.

“Do you want my cock in your tight little asshole? Tell me.” I teased sternly.

“Ohh, yesss, I want your cock in my asshole.”

I gave her a light smack on her cheek.

“Ask nicely.”

“Pleeaasee, I want your cock in my asshole,” she said desperately. I proceeded to penetrate her cunt with the toy cock, deeper and deeper until she had taken it all.

“Oh, fuck, that’s deep. Right there. Wiggle it around,” she demanded as she rubbed her clit faster.

I catered to her demands. I love seeing her passionately beg for her orgasms. My cock fully regained its life as I pleased her.

“Oh, my… my pussy is starting to throb.”

“Be a good girl and cum for me, hmm? Then I’ll fuck your ass while I fuck your pussy with your toy.”

“Mmm, fuck, I love this,” she said. “I want you to fill me. Do you wanna see me filled up with cock?”

“Hmm, yeah, I do. I wanna see you full of cock,” I tell her seductively.

“Oh my g-, oh fuck… Oh, fuck!” I feel her hole grip tightly around the dildo. “Aim it upward, toward my G-spot. Keep it right there. Do it. Do it!” Her rubbing starts to speed up and she lets out a gasp. “Ohhh! Ohhh yesss!” It was the kind of gasp the neighbors could hear. “Keep going! Yes, yes, yes, keep going! Uhhhhhh!”

By now, she was cumming, both vaginally and from her clit. Her breathing picked up as her first climax hit her. I watched, fixated on her pussy as it pulsated. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Ohh, yesss, that’s good. So good!”

I looked down at the beautiful sight, enraptured with passion for her orgasm and the one I’ll be having soon enough.

“Mmmm…” She let out a decreasing moan of satisfaction.

“Mmm,” I agree. “Keep it inside you.” I scooped a dollop of coconut oil and rubbed down my hard dick and her asshole.

“Ready for my cock?” I asked. “Do you wanna get filled up?”

“Oh, please, put your dick in my ass. Please. I want you to fuck my ass and cum inside it.”

She tilted her pelvis upward so I could have a good view of her little asshole. I slowly began to push the head of my cock in. Once the head was in, I allowed her ass to relax and prepare for more stretching. In and out, in and out, slowly, I gave her only a couple of inches of me. The tightness was unreal. My cock fought for room with the toy in her pussy,  and I could feel it inside her from her ass.

“Go in more. I’m ready for all of it.”

“Okay.” With a slow push, I was fully inside her asshole, with another cock fully inside her pussy.

“Oh, wow! Ohh, I’ve never felt that before. Fuucckk.” I could hear the enjoyment in her voice as a smile came to her face. She began rubbing her clit as well.

I started fully working myself in and out of her ass.  Taking hold of the dildo, I placed the suction part onto my shortly-trimmed pubes and rocked back and forth in synchronized thrusts.

“Oh, shit, this is so good,” I said, appreciating literally everything about this situation. This would be my second orgasm within half an hour. Usually, it would take longer, but there was no chance I’d hold out for long. The ecstasy was too intense. “I’m gonna cum soon,” I told her.

“That’s fine, baby,” she encouraged me. “I want you to feel good, so I want you to blow your load in my ass.”

I was still fucking her half-speed, but I started to pick up the pace. The concept of time escaped my mind. It could’ve been one minute. Two? Thirty seconds? I felt my balls tighten and get ready to burst.

“Tell me you want my cum.”

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum too. I want your cum. I want your cum! Keep going! Keeping fucking me good.”

That was all I needed. A wave of static rushed through my body as my orgasm hit. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I said breathlessly. I felt myself release, coating the inside of her asshole.

“Oh, wow! I feel your cum! It’s gonna make me cum.”

I kept exploding inside her, and she had another full orgasm.

“Ahh…” I exhaled as my head became sensitive, but not overly so.

“Mmm… good boy,” she said in an erotic tone.

I pulled out. My cum went deep inside her, but with her pussy spasms, her asshole pushed some of my seed out, and it dribbled down her crack.

I lay next to her, both of us spent. We broke out in soft, grateful laughter and soaked it in for a while.

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