A Moment In the Shower

**A story I wrote for my wife**


“I’m gonna go take a shower, then we can head out.”

I walk up the stairs to the bathroom, ready to clean up and get ready for the day after a long and luckily productive morning. We had gotten up early this morning, already spent a few hours working, gone on a walk together to a park, and now we’re getting ready to run some errands in the afternoon. I turn the hot water on, undress, and step in. The hot water feels incredible as it pours over my body. There’s not much better than a relaxing, steamy shower! I think about how the day has gone so far, happy to have spent the morning with you.

As if you had been listening to my thoughts, I hear the bathroom door open and you step in. My mind goes back to my to-do list for the day, thinking of what we still have to get done. 

I rinse the shampoo out of my hair, careful to keep my eyes closed so they don’t burn. I turn and open them, surprised to see you slipping open the shower curtain and stepping in. Your silky brown hair lays straight against your back, your brilliantly blue eyes meeting mine with a smile. 

“I took your statement as an invitation,” you say with a grin. You close the curtain and step into me, your naked body feeling cold against mine. Despite the chill you bring in with you, I love the way you feel. Our thighs press against each other, and your bare breasts push up against my chest. I’ve always thought showering together felt so intimate, both physically and emotionally. 

“I’m glad you did.” I smile back and grab you by the waist, gently spinning you around and into the hot water to warm you up. “Even if that means I have to share the hot water,” I tease back. 

You tilt your head back, wetting your hair.  Taking a slight step back, I use the moment to admire your body. I have always found you so beautiful. I love your slightly blonde hair—the hair you had bleached out over the summer but now were thinking of dyeing dark. The look of pleasure on your face as you stand under the hot water, running your hands through your hair, is adorable. Your smile has always made me melt on the inside.

My eyes trail down to your collarbone, stopping on the sapphire gemstone necklace I got you for Christmas two years ago. It makes me so happy that you wear that necklace so often. It’s simple but beautiful. Occasionally, like today, you even forget to take it off while showering. The blue shimmer looks splendid against your wet, uncovered skin. My eyes continue trailing down, taking in the allure of your rounded boobs. Your beautiful, perky boobs …

You open your eyes with a smirk almost as if you know where my thoughts are currently heading. We switch spots, you leaving the water to shampoo your hair and me entering to wash the soap off my body. As we do, you pull me into an embrace and gaze up at me with love in your eyes. I put my hand on your face and guided your lips to mine. We kiss in the hot water, naked bodies embracing.

Suddenly it’s as if a switch is pulled. We know we have errands to run, but that doesn’t matter now. Right now, we need each other.

In a fit of passion, our kissing becomes more intense. My hands begin caressing your body, feeling every curve of your amazing form. I can feel myself getting harder, helped along by you pushing your pelvis into mine. My hands find your tits and squeeze, rubbing your nipples between my fingers. You start to moan, tilting your head back in pleasure as I continue to squeeze your breast and push my hardening cock into you. The water continues to cascade over us as my kisses move down your body, covering your neck and collarbone, giving special attention to your chest, then back up the other side. Your breathing became heavier and more passionate the more our hands move across each other. 

We pull away from each other momentarily, silently understanding that more will follow. You continue to shampoo your hair, and I move under the water, facing you with my head leaning back, my full erection pointing toward you. My eyes close as I rinse off my hair and body.

Then suddenly, unexpectedly, I feel your soapy hand wrap around my dick. You slide it forward, gently squeezing and bringing my body to tremble in pleasure. I keep my eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of you selflessly offering me a hand job. You continue rubbing, moving your frictionless hand back and forth over me. Opening my eyes, the pleasure increases suddenly, as the sensation is now coupled with the view of your sexy, wet, naked body in front of me.

I just about reach the point of climax, but it’s too soon for that; I don’t want to cum yet. Gently grabbing your hand to stop you, I slide my hand up your arm, across your shoulder, and to your face where I pull you in for another passionate, loving French kiss.

I pull away to grab a bar of soap, pressing it against your body to wash you down. You let me, closing your eyes and enjoying the feeling of the soap and my hands moving across every inch of your body. I start at your shoulders and arms, pausing a moment at your hands so I can hold them in mine.

Continuing to soap up the rest of your body, I cover both your breasts at once and giving them a good squeeze. I wash your stomach, your lower back, then down to your ass. Kneeling in front of you, I wrap my hands around your legs, and give them a brief, soapy massage, trailing up and down, coming dangerously close to your pussy. My erection grows stronger and stronger as my hands move across your skin, and you moan in pleasure. I stand back up and trail my hands over your backside again.    

Overcome with desire, I spin you around, your back now against my chest and your ass pushed against my erection. You reach out and put your hands against the shower wall to brace yourself as you begin to grind your body against mine, my dick between your legs. I let my hands wander your body again, caressing every curve and edge. One hand again cups your breasts and squeezes, harder this time. My other hand ventures lower, stroking your recently shaved pussy and rubbing your clit. You respond with more moaning and sighs of pleasure.

I continue to rub you, squeeze you, and kiss your neck from behind until, finally, we can’t take it anymore. You turn around and we hug and kiss once more, but we both know we need to move out of the shower and into the bedroom to finish. You leave the shower first, quickly wrapping yourself in a towel and leaving the bathroom. I follow soon after, trailing only moments behind you, anxious and craving more of your body. 

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