Hubby’s assistant catches a hot housewife dressed in sexy lingerie in her room

Nara just wants some dick from her businessman husband, but he’s too busy for her. When hubby’s assistant catches her dressed in sexy lingerie in her room, Nara realizes that his dick is the best she’s gonna get and invites him to fuck her. At least one man knows how to take care of her sweet pussy! He kneels between her thighs and starts licking her clean shaven pussy. The horny housewife bucks against his face as he quickly brings her to an intense orgasm. Her pussy starts squirting right into his face. “Give me your cock. Let me stroke you and blow you, before you fuck me!” He pushes the head between her lips forcing her mouth to open as wide at it will go. Unfortunately, the fun is interrupted by her husband, who suddenly returns, not understanding where his assistant has gone. The half naked blonde makes him to sit on a chair in the living room and take a rest. Returning to the bedroom, the cheating slut finds her husband’s assistant lying on the bed on his back with his hard dick sticking vertically up. As soon as she is a top of him she reaches between her legs and grips his cock at the base and stokes it a couple times to coat the head with juice and then starts rubbing the thick slippery head between her pussy lips until his cock head and the opening to her sweet pink paradise are covered in slimy precum. The hot naked blonde is squatting down on his dick, her hands massage her tits as she starts slamming herself down against her cock. And he is fucking her hard now, his movements become more urgent, more demanding, his hard thrusting driving his cock into her vagina, driving the blonde down into that mattress, the bed squeaking. She is filled with an intense wave of pleasure that is impossible to describe. Her husband has never had rough sex with her like that.






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