The Air Hostess

Being the CEO of a large corporation I travel often. Thankfully the business has a private aircraft that can be used and most often I commission it. This is a story about one of these business travels.

I was asked to present at the conference. Thankfully I was not the key note speaker, which took the pressure off somewhat. Still I needed to prepare and I had little time. I decided I’d use the flight time to prepare. The flight was around 6 hours from New York to LAX.

My driver dropped me at the airport, and I embarked onto the private jet. The aircraft was not huge but it had all the comforts of executive travel. It included a lounge area with a fully stocked bar. In the back was a bedroom with a queen size bed and en-suite with a shower.

I sat in the lounge, took out my laptop and started to work. The air hostess was moving around the cabin, and I was so engrossed in my task at hand that I didn’t notice. I was distracted from my work with her question, asking if I wanted a drink before take-off. I looked up and was puzzled; she was not the usual hostess. She was new. I asked her name, she responded Tracey.

Tracey was hot. Around 30 years of age, she had a magnificent body, great sized boobs, nice hips, flat tummy, beautiful face and hair. She was so hot, I was very distracted from my work. She was wearing the private airline uniform, including a black suit jacket, white shirt, black skirt that was tight with the hem just above her knees. I knew I was in trouble as my cock was hardening watching her move around getting the plane ready for take off.

I accepted her offer of a drink with a nice glass of wine. She then took her seat for take off. She sat directly across from me. Was she doing it on purpose? Her legs opened and I couldn’t stop myself trying to look up and spy her panties. She was looking out the window as I stared at her … I’m sure she just hiked her skirt up a bit more. Can I see her panties? I thought I glimpsed some white satin. As a CEO, know I’m in trouble now, because I want to pull that skirt off her, but I can’t take advantage of my powerful position. Needing a distraction, I had to think of something else, so I focused again on my work, or at least I try to.

The plane was in the air now. The captain explained the travel course and speed, etc. Tracey asked if there was anything I needed, and I responded I was fine. Actually I wasn’t fine, I was hot and bothered but there wasn’t much I could do about it. I debated going to the bedroom and wanking.

I got back to work, head down, trying to concentrate. Tracey was at the front of the cabin and bent over to tidy something. Her backside was amazing, perfectly pear shaped. God, she looked hot. I wanted to walk over there, pull up her skirt and plunge my cock inside her.

She stood up and turned around quite quickly. I think she noticed me looking at her.

Disappearing into the kitchen area, she soon came out with a plate of snacks. She came over and put the tray on the table. Was her shirt more open? As she bent to place the food, I could see inside her shirt. She had beautiful shapely boobs, not too large but not too small. Goodness I was in trouble.

She then sat across from me and we started making small talk. Whilst we were talking, I couldn’t stop staring at her legs and breasts. It was quite unprofessional of me, but at this point I couldn’t help myself. We chatted for five or ten minutes.

Then she looked me dead in the eye and said, “You know, as a CEO, you could get into a lot of trouble the way you are ogling me.”

I apologized profusely,  “I’m so sorry, you’re right. It’s completely unprofessional. It’s just that if I’m really honest, you are an extremely attractive woman.”

She said, “Well, I won’t say anything if you do something for me.”

I said “Sure, anything, what is it?”

She said “Come here.”

I got up and walked to her. She put a finger on my lips and told me to be quiet. Then she moved in and we started kissing, our tongues intertwined as our lips locked. She then stopped, stepped back, and said, “I won’t tell anyone if you agree to fuck me.”

I nodded.

She purred and said, “Would you mind if I touched myself?”

I nodded again.

She moved her hand down to her pussy and started touching herself. It was so hot, and my cock was rock hard.

She said, “My pussy is very wet. Is your cock hard?”

I nodded and responded “It is very hard.”

She said “I want to see it.”

So I undid my pants and pulled my cock out. She looked at me and said,”You are hard.” She told me to take off my shirt, pants and underwear.

I said “Why don’t you take off your skirt and jacket?” She took off her jacket, shirt and skirt. My goodness she looked amazing in her bra and panties.

Next she said, “Your cock is very hard. I’d like to suck it. Do you mind?”

I responded, “Please.”

She sunk to her knees and slowly licked my shaft. Her tongue circled my head and then she moved to licking my shaft and balls. Next she encased my cock deep in her mouth. I looked down and watched her suck and lick me. It was so hot. I was getting close to orgasm, but wanted this to continue, so I took her hand and helped her to her feet. I then lead her to the bedroom.

Tracey climbed onto the bed and told me to stand still.  She laid down and moved her hand over her pussy. She fingered herself over her panties, I could see her panties getting wetter and wetter. I stood stark naked with my cock hard. Watching her play with herself was so sexy; she was a beautiful woman ,and watching her please herself was amazing.

I couldn’t wait any longer. Stepping in towards her, I lifted her backside up, slid her panties off her bottom and down her legs. Moving back up her body, I started kissing her passionately. Heading back down again, I licked and sucked each part of her. I took my time with her breasts and nipples, sucking and teasing and biting them.

She had more that I wanted, so I moved down her further until I reached her pussy. Pushing her legs apart, I ate her pussy hard. I was feeling aggressive and wanted to please her. I got my face and tongue deep in her pussy, sucking her clit and licking her pussy lips. Tracey was moaning and bucking and I knew she was close to cumming, so I doubled my efforts and brought my finger up and stuck it inside her. She arched her back and shouted “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, don’t stop, I’m cumming.”

When she had finished, my mouth was saturated with her juices. I moved back up her body and kissed her again so that she could taste herself.

I said “I want to fuck you now.”

Tracey said “Yes, please, please fuck me, I want your cock, I want you to cum inside me.”

I flipped her onto her belly and lifted her ass so she was on all fours. I jumped off the bed and moved her to the edge closer to me. Tracey’s beautiful pear shaped ass was welcoming me, I took my cock in my hand and nudged it against her pussy. But I couldn’t wait any longer so thrust my cock inside her. Tracey’s pussy lips gripped my cock and I slowly moved my shaft in and out of her.

I could feel my orgasm building and wanted to dump all my cum inside her. So I started pumping her. I grabbed her hips and grinded into her. She started to buck and moan and I knew she was close to cumming again.

I was close and asked her, “May I cum inside you Tracey?”

“Yes” she said “Yes, please cum for me, pound me, load my pussy with your cum. I want it, give it to me.”

So I did. My cock exploded with cum right inside her glorious pussy. Just as I was cumming so did Tracey. I had to grab her hips and try to control her so that my cock stayed inside her.

After a minute or two, I pulled my cock out and fell onto the bed. Tracey moved in close and nuzzled into my chest. She smelt so good and we were both exhausted.

Tracey then raised her head and gave me another kiss. She asked, “Did you enjoy that, my love?”

I said “Goodness yes, that was super sexy.” I asked my wife how she managed to get onto the flight as a hostesses. She told me the story and that she can fill in anytime in the future.

With that, we had a nap and made love again before landing. My wife is amazing, and I look forward to more travels with her in future.

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