Fantasy Realized (A)

Not long ago, Carol and Xavi (x&c) had a post called Intriguing Dreams and Intense Pleasures. At the end of it, they asked about fantasies of ours that had worked out in real life as well as they did in our dreams. My response was truncated for length, but here’s the whole story:

My unrealized fantasy up until a few months ago was licking my wife’s ass. I had always gotten close with my kisses and she seemed to like that but she never gave me any subtle hints to dive in even when I ran kisses up the crack of her bum.

This all changed after a night of prolonged foreplay that moved from the bed to our living room couch. She was freshly showered, so I wanted to kiss and worship her ass. I bent her over the couch and began to play with her pussy with my hand while applying gentle kisses all over her buttocks. I began to feel very primal and out of control, so my kisses followed suit. Soon I was kissing down her crack.

At this point, she maneuvered her butt to where I had no other choice but to make out with this unchartered spot. She went wild and came with her ass in my face. Then she rose up, threw me on the couch, and rode my cock until I came.

The fantasy for me was somewhat fulfilled. I had kissed all over her asshole but not licked it. This came a few wakes later when she willingly flipped over in the middle of foreplay and wiggled her ass at me in an invitation to make out with it again.

This time, I dove right in while softly rubbing her clit. She was grinding in my face, and her cheeks had pretty much engulfed my face. My kisses quickly turned into nothing but tongue all over her sweet little spot. She again collapsed from an intense orgasm, and I finished by entering her pussy from behind while she applied different pressures to me. It was awesome, but not quite as dirty and primal as I wanted. That finally happened two nights ago.

She got the baby to bed and then told me she needed to take a shower. I saw her retrieve her sexy nighty from her dresser and head to the bathroom. All I could think of was how clean she would be all over; nothing would be off limits. I was getting hard just thinking about it.

When she returned to bed, I began to give her a back massage and caresses all over her body. When she turned to face me, I knew it was on. We were soon French kissing in a way that I never experienced with her before. Her tongue on mine was making me harder. I was soon raising her shirt and kissing her all around her nipples and every once in a while giving them a suck. She told me to stop teasing her. This made me just want to tease more, but soon she kept whispering she wanted me inside her. I was so horny at this point that I almost obliged, but I wanted something more.

I took her hand and led her to a chair. Prior to putting her in position, we stood for a while making out. My hands were everywhere. I could feel her asshole was completely shaven and clean. I began rubbing it with one hand, playing with her pussy with the other, and French kissing her all at the same time. She was moaning in pleasure and begging for it. This is when I flipped her around and bent her over a chair. She was completely nude at this point with her hands in the seat of the chair and her legs spread apart.

This was the exact position I had wanted. It seemed so inviting. My face could make out with everything at that point, and that’s what I wanted. I began kissing her down her back, then her ass cheeks, crack, and all around her thighs until my mouth found her pussy. In this position, my face was entirely enveloped by everything. My tongue was thrusting in and out of her pussy. My nose was all over her asshole, and she was grinding into my face while moaning the whole time. I was almost content to leave it at that but just couldn’t control myself.

My mouth left her pussy and went right for her asshole. As soon as it hit, she moaned, “Yes!Yes!Yes!” My fingers were all over her clit, and my tongue was all over her asshole. She was going to cum. I didn’t hold back. I had feasted on her entire body that night and loved every part of her. Her unbridled passion was driving me crazy.

After she came, she reached back and started running her hand all over my cock, balls, and taint. She was going to make me cum at any point. I told her so and that I didn’t want to make a mess on the floor; she said she didn’t care. But I had to enter her at that point, so I did.

Her pussy was so warm and juicy, and I was so ready to burst that I did while standing. This has always been kind of hard for me. I prefer to be in more of a prone position when that happens. It’s just easier for me to relax and let go, but she turned me on so badly that it wasn’t a problem.

I suppose I am a one-and-done person myself. As soon as I exploded inside her, I could feel all the strength leave my legs. I had to lie down, so I began to go to the ground.

At this very moment, the baby woke, and she went to tend to her. There I was: naked, sapped of all strength, trying to recover on the floor.

After a minute or so, I went to the bathroom to clean up. When I returned to bed, she was there waiting for me—wanting to do it again. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t be ready without a nap or a protein drink. She told me I was dirty and she loved it and told me how great her orgasm was.

Oh my. Just thinking about it has me wanting to do it again and again and again. I guess that my fantasy at this point is to recover more quickly so we can fuck again to satisfy her even more. I think it’s a matter of getting nutrients back into my body.

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