Curvy naked babe with amazing boobs seduces her roommate’s father

Angie has always been a girl who can’t get enough of being fucked. When she started college, she masturbated daily in the shower, imagining that she was having sex with an unknown man. One day, as usual, while leaving the bathroom, she ran into her roommate’s father in the room! She liked him at first sight, bald and with tattoos, and she decided not to waste time and seduce him right away. With humongous, triple-D assets, stunning green eyes, and a cute, sparkling personality, the blonde-haired babe can seduce any man! The busty girl lay down on the bed next to him and immediately took off her dressing gown, under which she had nothing on. Her huge breasts looked like bombs ready to explode. While stroking her pussy with her hand, she invited him to join her in the game. Gently took out his big cock with her hands and immediately put it in her mouth. She moaned loudly as she swallowed his cock all the way. When the sexy naked girl offered him big tits to put his cock between them and fuck her, he turned on like an animal. He threw her on the bed and without thinking, immediately rammed into her soft juicy pussy. As he gently pumped her, she looked into his eyes and gave him signs to fuck even harder and faster. As he caressed her, her breasts bounced so much that she had to hold them with her hands. The girl has the best boobs you have ever seen. Naughty Angie knows how to ride a dick. As soon as she mounted the guy, she looked like a real cowgirl. He kept pounding her pussy harder watching her big all natural tits bounce with every pump. Her pussy gripped his cock and gushed hot liquid all over his cock and balls. Out of excitement, she kept telling him how good he was fucking and how big his dick was. And when she turned towards him and placed herself in the doggy position, her big hard ass came to the fore. She was simply inviting him to enter her and stay forever. Her roommate will never know about this adventure. After all he is only human and couldn’t turn down the chance to put his dick in this college cutie!






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