Naughty bullies can’t believe how hung the geek is

During class, the slutty chicks Roxie and Octavia keep picking on the nerdy boy in front. As soon as the teacher leaves, the girls begin bullying him even more by flashing their tits in hopes of embarrassing him. Although they were trying to be mean, the second they saw how large his bulge was, they felt their tight fannies starting to get wet. As the schoolgirls pulled his huge cock the they instinctively dropped to their knees and began sucking him off with pure lust in their eyes. Once they’d made sure every inch of his manhood was covered in their spit, Roxie spread her legs wide and slid it in her perfect snatch. Plowing her in missionary and seeing her big tits jiggle doesn’t phase the geek, as he’s too focused on making the naked girls both cum and moan from his thrusts. To spice things up, two bullies switch, and Octavia bends over to get plowed from behind. While taking turns banging him, the schoolgirls kiss and fondle each other with passion. Things start getting kinkier once they begin riding him, as they’re in control and are able to bounce as hard as they want. Octavia’s the first one to ride him, and it doesn’t take her long before she has a shivering orgasm from the intense bouncing and gyrating. After switching to the big booty brunette, he could see she wasn’t going to cum from cowgirl, so he mustered up the courage to switch her back into missionary. The naked schoolgirls watch in shock as he pummels her fanny with all of his strength until Roxie’s shivering and cumming with joy. After helping them orgasm, the bullies become submissive and let him use their bodies for as long as it takes for him to bust on their slutty faces.






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