Pervy mailman tricks the thick Latina by pretending to be a trainer

Overhearing that the thick and curvy Karen is in need of a personal trainer gave the pervy mailman a kinky idea. Instead of delivering mail, he rushed over to the door and pretended to be a trainer who was hired by her friend. The clueless, inked Latina believed him instantly and rushed over to change into her workout clothes. As the stretches started, he was immediately mesmerized by how fat her ass was, so he sneakily began jacking off. It didn’t take long for him to bust a nut, but instead of kicking him out, the busty babe got aroused from seeing his hard manhood and decided to let him stay for round two. Karen excitedly pushed him onto the sofa, where she began deep-throating his cock with pure lust in her eyes. Seconds later, he was rock-hard and ready to pound her tight snatch with passion. Rather than let him be in control, the sexy naked babe climbs on top to show off how well she can ride dick in cowgirl. The guy was sucking her plump tits as his hard prick pounding every inch of her horny pussy. Once her pussy was fully stretched, she bent down and spread her huge booty seductively as he went behind her to pummel her doggy style. Within minutes of pounding, he felt her insides beginning to tighten, so without stopping for a second, he thrust as hard and fast as possible until she had a loud orgasm. Although she came, her twat was aching for more penetration, so she eagerly climbed onto him, but this time in reverse cowgirl position. Now that he’s facing her fat ass, he’s able to spank her cheeks with ease and watch them jiggle excitedly. Soon enough, the intense banging comes to an end as he feels himself getting close to cumming. Before busting inside, he pulls out and lets out every drop of cum on her face.






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