Stepmom and stepdaughter love being freely used by the family

The lustful milf Charlie and her husband have decided the best way to make their family dynamic work is to implement their free-use fetish. Luckily, their erotic stepdaughter, River, and her hung stepbro are all up for it. After having a nice chat at the dinner table, everyone goes about their day, and the stepmother rushes over to the bathroom to do the dishes. As she does, her stepson joins her, and as they chat, he slowly lifts up her skirt to plow her from behind. While talking and sliding his cock deep inside of her cunt, River joins them to talk about the new boy at school she’s been talking to. Seeing her stepbro’s thick meat pounding doesn’t phase her, so she chats and gets advice from her stepmom whilst he creampies her perfect snatch. Later on in the day, the pervy stepdad excitedly goes to check on the cute blonde who’s studying. It doesn’t take long before he starts climbing on top of her from behind and sliding off her panties. Despite feeling her stepfather’s huge shaft thrusting into her, she manages to maintain her composure and continue finishing up her calculus. Soon enough, he drains his heavy balls in her young pussy and lets the girl continue with her studies. All throughout the day, the stepdad and stepson take turns banging the two blonde cuties one by one. The next time the four of them meet is to bond and talk in the living room, and soon enough, things start getting sexual once more.


Whilst the naked girls chat, the men slowly walk up behind them and begin teasingly rubbing their tits. They bend their asses over to satisfy their intense doggy style cravings. No matter how hard their insides get pummeled, the naked girls manage to stay composed and talk as if nothing is happening. After switching over to missionary, River and Charlie can’t resist fondling each other, so they slowly begin caressing their bodies. As they gently rub their tits, the stepmother decides to go a bit further and lick them, but even though they’re now getting soaking wet, they’re still focused on the conversation at hand. With each thrust, the men feel their insides beginning to tighten, but they don’t let the sight of their stunning bodies distract them from talking. Since they’ve been practicing free use around the house for quite some time now, they’ve gotten used to the feeling of their twats, so they’re able to engage in raunchy fun without busting for a while. To spice things up, they decide to time their cumshots, so they both adjust how hard they pummel them as they discuss where they’ll be going after they’ve finished. Within minutes the naked girls feel their huge cocks throbbing inside their snatches, so they drop to their knees instinctively. Whilst down, they stare into their eyes and smile with joy as their pretty faces get covered in their stepfather’s and stepson’s thick cumshots.






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