Kelsey hitches a ride with me so that she can fuck me at her place

Today, as I was getting into my car and heading back home from work, a young girl approached me. She said her name was Kelsey. She got in a fight with “her man” and asked me to drive and take care of her as if I were her man. I say, why not? I’m driving her to her place right now. The girl is giving me mad, dirty glances. I’m no fool. I know what’s going on. She wants to get back at her guy by fucking a random stranger. I guess that stranger is me today. Fine with me! Kelsey has small tits, a cute little bubble butt, and a desire to get fucked right now. She flashes her titties even in the car. This bitch is eager, but I’ll make her wait. The minute we walk through the door, she asks me to fool around a bit. Her tits are out and in my face. Not that there’s much to see on her chest, though. However, her hungry mouth soon finds its way to my cock. I love how eager she is to suck me off. My cock is thick and can barely fit into her mouth, but she’s a sport. The sexy babe loves giving that cock her all. That’s just how she’s like in bed, I guess. This makes me very horny.


I get the beautiful naked girl to lay on her back and immediately stick my dick inside. It’s bigger than what she’s used to. I can tell by how tight she feels. With no insisting on my part, she says that I’m better than her boyfriend. My cock is just bigger, she says, and I smile. “I know”, I say. I spread her so good that I can fit easily now. She wants to switch positions, and I allow it. While fucking her doggy style, I focus on her big bubble ass. Her ass cheeks fit perfectly into my hands. I spread that gorgeous ass, and her neatly puckered asshole winks at me. We laugh at the thought of her boyfriend walking in on us. She says she’d like that very much. It gets even freakier. She even offers to meet me another day to let me fuck her in my car. I see why she wants to make this a long-term affair – she’s cock drunk. We pass from doggy to reverse cowgirl so that she can flex that ass to me. The small tattoo on her right thigh makes it seem even sexier. I can’t wait to cum on her cute face, so I pull out and start jerking off. Kelsey is very submissive. She gets her head down onto my dick and opens wide. She wants to suck it out of me, and she does. I feed her my cum, and she likes it very much. We’ll definitely keep this going, regardless of her having a boyfriend.






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