Another Quickie

It was summer—hot! The sun beat down, the air didn’t stir and it was humid. I love days like this! As I mowed the backyard, sweat dripped off me. I took my shirt off to mop it from my neck and arms, but within minutes my entire upper body was drenched again.

When I turned the mower back to the house, I looked up to see my wife standing on the deck. She is a beautiful woman with a body that I adore: voluptuous boobs, a firm tummy, lovely rounded hips, and a great ass, too. In a T-shirt and mini skirt, she looked so sexy that my cock twitched.

She was watching me and, as I looked up, she smiled. Then she turned back into the house and came back out a few moments later with a large glass of lemonade, which she brought over to me. I thanked her and gulped down the cold drink. As I was drinking, she stroked my chest and I could see in her eyes she wanted me.

I gave her a knowing smile as I handed back the glass before restarting the mower. When I finished the lawn, I headed inside and got a shower. I knew I needed to take care of my wife, and I planned to as soon as I cleaned up.

After my shower, I searched the house for her. I finally found her out back, hanging out the laundry. She’d washed the bed sheets and was pinning them around the umbrella-like rotary clothesline. She had almost finished, and the sheets formed a sort of tent around the central pole.

Taking her hand, I led her to the middle of the washing line and kissed her passionately. My hands ran down her body, over her hips, and back to her boobs. Her tits felt wonderful underneath her bra, and I took my time caressing them.

As I dipped my head to suck and lick her neck, she said, “Shall we go inside?”

“No,” I murmured against her skin, “I’m going to fuck you right here.”

“What about the neighbors?”

“They can’t see us, but we’ll have to be quiet—and fast.” With that, I slid my hand under her skirt to find her panties and mound.

She moaned and reached for my cock. God, she felt good. I could already feel a slight wetness through the satin and knew she wanted me. But still she asked, “Are you sure?”

I touched her pussy and stroked her clit whilst kissing her again. Pulling back, I said, “Yes, I want to fuck you right here and now.”  I slid her panties down and off, then put them in my pocket. She then yanked my shorts to the grass, and I stepped out of them.

I turned her around and leaned her forward as she grasped the pole. After rubbing my cock against her pussy, I slowly slid inside her. Then I grabbed her hips and started slowly fucking her. I took one of her hands and directed it to her pussy, and she began to rub her pussy as my cock rode in and out.

I took a moment to commit the moment to memory: my wife bent over, rubbing herself, with my cock inside her. It was so hot.

I could feel I was going to cum soon; I whispered to tell her so.

She groaned at my announcement, saying, “Yes, please fill me with your cum.” Then she gasped and began to spasm around me. I held onto her bucking hips, drove my cock deep into her, and shot my load into her pussy.

After we both finished, I pulled my cock out, turned her around, and kissed her again. After I put my shorts back on, I retrieved her panties from the pocket and took a knee. She held my shoulder for balance and stepped sexily into them, and I slid them up her legs, over her backside, and under her skirt. Once they were settled into place, I let my hand linger on her pussy mound over the satin.  Then I stood, and we kissed again.

We finished hanging the last of the washing and headed inside for a cold drink. My wife handed me another icy glass of lemonade and said, “That was hot! We’ll need to do that again soon.”

What a wonderful, hot day. I love days like that, and I love my wife.

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