Comfortable Anal Sex Positions?

I’ve been a lurker for a while, and I love the hot Christian married sex stories and discussions on here! My husband and I recently celebrated our 18th anniversary. We have experimented with anal from time to time over the past 18 years. I find my orgasms can be incredibly intense with his hard cock pulsing in my tight ass.

I’ve noticed certain positions are more painful than others – regardless of copious amounts of lube and regardless of how slow and patient and considerate my man is. However, we engage in it so infrequently that I haven’t quite figured out the best position and best angle for the most pain-free experience.

The intensity of my anal orgasms makes me crave anal sex more often, and I know hubby would be happy to oblige. I’d love anal to become our “new normal” during the days of the month that I’m menstruating.

Can you help a horny gal out? Can you save me from learning the worst positions/angles the hard and painful way? What are your tried and true positions/angles for a glorious anal fucking from your beloved?

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