Filling Her With My Dick (L)

This post contains strong language (L).

It had been a long wait while my wife recovered from surgery. I was horny, thirsty, and missing her “yoyo” like never before. When the doctor cleared us for sex again, I anticipated a session filled with love and passion. I looked deep into her eyes and determined to give her the full length of my erect pole.

While sucking on her titties that evening, I ran my fingers through her hair. She began moaning my name aloud as she held on tightly to the sheets. We locked eyes, enjoyed each other’s sweet lips, then I went down on her. With a heart full of love and passion, I ate her yummy pussy like never before. I literally devoured it as she screamed and writhed in ecstasy and lust.

With my head buried in her brown juicy thighs, I continued to lick her, my warm tongue moving over her clit.

“Awwww… ohhhhhh!” she moaned. Her right hand grazed my head hair and her left one firmly cupped her boobie. Her head fell back; she was lost in holy lust.

Before she reached an orgasm, I stood up and stroked my cock as I gazed deep in her soul.  I got on top of her, teasing, my skin on her skin, life on life. I glazed my rod at her entrance gates, my pre-cum mixing with her juices. Then I gave her a firm thrust, and she jerked! She literally ran mad!

I gave her three hard thrusts and paused. Tears ran from her eyes as I remained in a thrusting posture without moving. Heaving with longing love, I put her in sexual tension. I kissed her deeply, and using her ankles, she grasped my body onto hers and locked us together. I made five more hard thrusts into the deepest part of her cunt, and her eyes closed, her body fully relaxed, and her head lolled to the side. I thought she might have fainted.

She roused after a moment or two, eager for more. With her tight pussy at the mercy of my rod, she got so excited that our sex heat and aroma filled our bedroom. Still eye to eye with her, I felt her pussy pulsing and longing for an intimate fuck.

I held onto her boobie with one hand while the other grasped her sexy hip to pull her toward me. I went further down her love canal, and she hungrily lifted at the waist to meet my “attack.” Her hands continued to graze my back, in a way commanding me to go deeper. Did I hesitate? No! I rode ber mercilessly, hungrily, lovingly, deeply and satisfactorily.

She felt each thrust. She felt my every vein, each heartbeat, and the heat my cock brought to her love bank. Her gorgeous, love-and-tear-filled eyes rolled back for some time, and at their return, they pierced my soul, yearning for me as I also drank deep from the tankard of her love.  She clenched onto me, hardly letting me go, begged me for a deeper ride.

I finally broke through into her sweetest, wettest city. Breathing hard, she cried, “Ahhhhh! Ohhhh, babyyyy! Fuckkkkkkk!!! Oh, yeahhhh! Baby, fuck me! Give it to me!” Finally, a deep orgasm gave her release.

Still mounted on her and pinning her down on our soft bed, I gave her rapid, rigour-filled thrusts, and as my balls slapped at its entrance, her pussy yearned for more. But I had reached the edge; I thrust deeply once more, squeezed my buns, held both my hands under her back, and pushed my warm, thick load of cum into her cavern. It hit her walls, decorating them and inseminating until her cunt was full.

She jerked and opened her warm, brown thighs wide, giving me more access to her yoyo. I thrust deeper and it felt like pushing my hand into a water-filled jar. It splashed in between our legs, and we got soaked and slippery.

All sweaty, I looked into her eyes and told her, “Baby, my baby is going to look like you.” I sucked on her succulent boobs, and she forcefully pulled my face into her cleavage as she stroked my back. My cock was still buried deep, and it throbbed as we continued to enjoy the moment.

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