One of My Fantasies

Author’s note:

I got the idea for this fantasy from a couple of sources.  One was some steamy dialogue from a romance book; the other was my own enjoyment of spicy talk.  I would like to tell this fantasy to my future husband in the following manner.


There was no way to describe how richly filled and intoxicated I felt right then.  Every time my strong, sexy husband made love to me, I wanted to scream in delight.  On this particular night, he had me on my back on the bed while he stood on the floor, my legs up on his shoulders as he thrust into me.  I was soaked and slippery, which made his cock sliding in and out so deliciously smooth and erotic.  He held onto one of my legs, sometimes kissing it, while he rocked his hips in a tantalizing rhythm.  Gasps and hot, dirty words fell from his lips every few seconds.  I moaned, loving the desire in his voice and his sensual observations.

“Baby, you want to… hear a fantasy of mine?” I asked between breaths, my teeth clenching and unclenching in pleasure.

“Yeah!” he gritted out.

“I imagine… we’re this rich, influential couple… maybe Mafia vibes… you know, you’re powerful and… tell people what to do.  Anyway, we go to some… elegant hotel, because… you have… business associates to… to meet with.  We’re in our room… having hot sex… because you can’t keep your hands off me.  You’re so masculine and virile… I’m your gorgeous girl… and we always… rip each other’s clothes off when we’re… in this kind of… surrounding…” I had to pause right there because he bent over to suck my breast while slowing his movement, and the new sensation made me pull in a breath.  “You’re pounding me so deep, and I’m so… so wet that… your dick is streaked with my cream.”

“Oh God, that’s hot,” my husband grunted.

“You whisper all kinds of naughty things in my ear, your breath… warm against my face… your tongue in my mouth… nice sloppy kisses dripping with lust.  I’m pulling you in as deep as you’ll go… our sweaty skin sticks when you slap against me.  I love digging my fingers into your hard ass.  Then… someone knocks at the door.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah.  We don’t know… who it is.  Might be room service… or it’s one of your colleagues.  So you have to answer it.  This is the good part.  I imagine you pulling out… and you walk, butt-naked, to the door… your cock swinging and glistening from… being inside my wet pussy.  You… you open the door and there’s a hotel maid… standing there with… towels or something.  She can’t help looking startled as she sees you naked, your big toned body sweating… and your bare dick all shiny… and she knows that you’ve been… up to your balls in some lucky woman.”

“Baby, you’re going to make me cum!” my man groaned.

“Yes! I want you to! You like this fantasy?” I encouraged, welcoming his luscious thrusts.

“Oh man, yes! Finish it!”

“You take the towels and shut the door without… saying anything.  You figure… she can look but not touch.  And you walk back, that moist dick cool from the AC, and plunge right back into me.  Oh, I love feeling you pull out all the way and then come back in! Yes! Yes, baby! Take me! Deep! Slow! You just take up where you left off… your deep sexy voice in my ear again… as you tell me about the maid seeing you… hot and sweaty from pounding your wife.  I want you more, knowing that another woman saw you, but she doesn’t get to… to feel this! You can feel how much I need you as I suck you in with my pussy… you splash a little every time you plow into me.  Then you start cumming…”

“I’m cumming now!”

“We’re both so turned on, knowing you paraded your hot naked body to a stranger while I waited here, wet and creamy and aching to feel you sliding back inside me… oh my God, I’m losing it just thinking about it!” And I felt the pressure explode in my loins.  My cunt clenched around him and I gasped, “And you blow ropes of warm jizz into me… yes, like now! Let it out, darling! Oh God, that’s so hot! I feel it filling me up!”

With a feral yell, my husband planted himself balls-deep in my core and jetted semen through his sensitive dick.  I could feel him pulse.  Laughing and gasping for air, I grabbed his strong arms and pulled him down so I could kiss his mouth.  He eagerly lapped at my lips and tongue for a minute.

“Good grief, where do you get those hot scenarios?” he asked, brushing my hair back.

“Oh, I have an active brain,” I grinned.  “It sure made us both cum nice and hard.”

“That was awesome.  If you like,” he added, with a sexy wriggle of one eyebrow, “I’d be happy to reenact that fantasy for you, minus the hotel maid.”

“Ooh, yes, please!”

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