Petite Asian shows me just how much she is willing to please

Having tried my fair share of women, being with a perky, petite Asian was another one of my goals. With the gorgeous teen babe in front of me now, I can say that dreams come true. She was petite, with luscious long hair and perfect tits. Taking them into my hands was erotic enough. I needed her to loosen up a bit. I was sure my big shaft wouldn’t fit immediately. She became visibly aroused as my big hands cupped her tiny breasts. Kneading them and pulling on her nipples sent a wave of moans. The coy girl went down on her knees for me. It was apparent that she couldn’t fit all of me in her mouth, but she made up for it. While sucking on my tip, the tiny naked girl brought one of her small hands around my length. Moving it up and down, she created a perfect rhythm. Her expressions were nothing but sinful. She slurped the pre cum leaking out of my dick and moaned. I watched as the girl raised her other hand, now having both around me. The combination of all three senses made it harder to keep control. She shifted her position and placed herself on my lap. My shaft was too big for her at first. She eased her pussy halfway and started bouncing up and down. I leaned back and let her set a pace. It was torturous as she tested my patients. She just felt so good. Oh she was so tight I wanted to just slam it balls deep inside of her petite body but I knew it would be too much for her it was already filling her and stretching the walls of her almost virgin pussy. She started to go faster.


I met her thrusts and slowly eased more and more of my dick into her tight pussy. I could tell she was getting wetter and more aroused by the second. All I wanted was to throw her on that floor and fuck the daylight out of her. And I did just that. Taking it easy at first, I guided my shaft inside her pink slit. It was a tight fit, but with her walls sucking me, it made it feel heavenly. I spread her slim legs and kept them far apart. I could see how my shaft went deeper and deeper into her skinny body. Grunts and moans filled the room again as my little Asian devil lost herself in the pleasure. The control was mine now, so I didn’t hold back. My hard thrusts sent her away from me. I chased her pussy and held her slim waist with both hands. My palms held her perfectly. I needed a better angle, so I turned her around and went doggy style. It seemed to be just the thing she needed. With a new depth, my dick drilled into her cunt, and I could feel the pleasure building up. The two little butterflies on her lower back looked so incredibly sexy. With my eyes on my length going rapidly, I felt her cumming. “That’s a good girl. Cum for Daddy. Cum nice and hard for Daddy.” This sent me over the edge, too. With a final grunt, my cum spilled out of her. It is a genuinely erotic sight to witness, let me tell you.






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