Saturday Night Shower Fun, Part 1

Years ago we customized our house with features like extra cabinets and twin bowl bathroom vanities, etc.  A few changes were pretty much for our romantic interests.  One was a larger Jacuzzi spa tub (plenty of room to bathe and play together).  The other was clear glass in the master shower doors and partition (mostly my idea).

The shower is beside the spa tub, with the partition atop a half wall and a tiled ledge between it and the tub.  A skylight in the vaulted ceiling provides plenty of light to enjoy the sight of Janet in the shower.  If I am in the bathroom at the same time, I can use the large mirror above our vanity to view my spouse as she washes up. I can just watch directly.
Of course, nothing is better than to join her in the shower. I have to be respectful and mindful of my wife’s desires if I want a wet, romantic interlude.  The shower is just a standard size, so there is not a lot of room for two people. But we manage quite a bit of passionate foreplay before abandoning the bathroom for the bed.  Whether clothed or naked, my wife doesn’t like being treated like “a piece of meat” and  “attacked” with my hands. She likes the proper build-up to direct action.
I can certainly understand her feelings of wanting to be treated respectfully even if obviously “in the mood.”  I do my best to honor her wishes in that regard.  Often, however, the build-up starts much earlier, or even unexpectedly.  When that occurs, things progress quickly once we start to indulge in each others’ sensual, physical companionship.
This particular Saturday, we had spent the afternoon doing yard work.  I mowed and trimmed, while my wife replanted some flowers around the patio.  She was wearing an older white sleeveless T-shirt that had a nicely low, scooped neckline.  She had long ago stopped wearing this particular top out in public, believing it to be borderline ‘immodest’—It had become a little tighter over the years and showed off a little too much cleavage for her current liking.  Of course, it was perfect to my eyes, and I appreciated how she kept it to wear around the house or while working in our large, fenced backyard.
This day, for sun protection,  she also wore a light blue button-up blouse with 3/4 sleeves.  With all the buttons of the blouse left undone, I had a nice view of her large chest in the tight white undershirt, and of course, my eyes feasted on the tender flesh of her cleavage as I drove my lawn mower around the yard, stealing glances at her at every opportunity.   When finished with my work, I stopped to take a break.
I sat on the patio while Janet worked with the larger flower pots nearby.  Then, my wife requested my help with a somewhat heavy bag of potting soil she had already opened.  My task was to hold the bag and slowly dump the dirt into the pot as she held the planter upright and used a trowel to place the dirt exactly where she needed it as it poured out of the bag.  I was more than happy to oblige because she is my wife and because, with her leaning over the flower pot and using the trowel, I was treated to a most pleasurable view of her breasts moving and bouncing and of the sweet valley made by the soft flesh of her cleavage.
I mentioned my disappointment when she finished the last planting.  “Are you sure there’s no more to do?” I smiled. “I really enjoyed being your garden helper.”
Janet smiled back, knowing very well where my eyes were focused during the replanting process.  “I”ll bet you did, but that’s all the help I need out here.”  We put away the tools and supplies and made our way inside. We stopped in the kitchen for a drink, and my wife said,  “Well,  it’s time I took a shower.”
“Oh,” I replied.  “Need any help with that?”  I loved her response to my innuendo.
“Maybe…” she offered as she headed upstairs.  “I could probably use someone to wash my back.”
After the visual foreplay I had already enjoyed, my libido jumped at her comment!  I hurried along behind her like the obedient, hungry husband panting for his “treat.” It was obvious my wife was enjoying my excitement, so at least I knew the outcome of our shower play!  We both stepped into the warm water and rinsed the sweat from our bodies.
Janet handed me her washcloth and the soap.  I began slowly washing her shoulders and back.  “Thank you,” I murmured in appreciation.  My erection was bumping into her butt as I kept exploring her muscles.
“Mmmm,” she said.  “You deserve a little reward for all your hard work today.”
I began sliding the soapy rag down over her rump. It was so easy to kiss her smooth back and slick rear as I knelt behind her.  I playfully pinched the tender folds of her butt cheeks and began running my hands up and down her legs.  Nuzzling the flesh on the outside of her right thigh, I moaned while my left hand roamed up the inside.  I brought the inside edge of my hand up until it bumped into her vulva.
“I was thinking of a BIG reward,” I murmured, keeping pressure against her private parts. My wife’s lower body rewarded me with a tiny little tremble.
“Oh, my,” Janet gasped slightly, then asked, “What’s gotten you all worked up?” Her voice had her trademark tone of delicious innocence.  My outwardly conservative Christian wife loves to play this game, pretending she has no idea as to what would have caused my tremendous ardor and inability to leave her body alone.  This bit of her wifely guile ALWAYS sends me into another level of arousal, so I am always happy to take the bait.
“Mm-hmm,”  I murmured.  “I’ve been watching you all afternoon,  wearing that white shirt.”  My hands continued caressing her thighs and rear end.
“You did seem to enjoy helping me with my flower pots,” my wife stated, her voice smiling with that comment, reminding me again about where my eyes were looking all during THAT task.
“Oh, yeah,” I replied.  “I had a great time—watching you breathe!”
“I’ll bet.” she murmured.  She knows very well the hypnotic effect her wonderful bosom has on me, and I would never deny my obsession with that part of her body.  The reward for my honesty came when Janet turned her body toward me.  “Well then,” she said,  her voice low with arousal, “while I  wash my hair,  how about you help me with my front side?”
My voice quaked with excitement.  “Oh yeah, I’d love that.”  I applied soap to her washcloth as I drank in the view of my beautiful wife standing in the shower.  The movement of her raised arms as she ran her hands through her hair added another level of excitement for my ravenous eyes.  Janet’s breasts are large (36DDD).  When supported in a bra, those objects of visual delight are like large, round, proud cantaloupes sitting on her chest.  Now, in the shower, her breasts were hanging free, torpedoes of wonder for my husbandly delight.
In naked profile, those globes of flesh took the shape of inverted question marks adorning her torso, with their now erect nipples erupting from the curves between the 4 and 5 o’clock position.  Now every bit of her upper body was glistening wet, with rivulets of warm water trickling down and trying to hold on as each breast rose and fell with her arm movements.   The soapy cloth helped hide the evidence of my trembling hands as I began washing her wonderful chest.  I took my time, starting at her collarbones and working along the sides of those beautiful God-given fruits.
Soon I discarded the cloth, hanging it on the handle across the sliding glass door.  I continued “washing” Janet’s lovely chest with my soapy bare hands, making sure to caress the flesh and the elongated nipples with my forearms as well as my palms.  I hefted each globe tenderly and let my fingers and thumbs tease and play with each wet tip.  Toying with her nipples brought forth my wife’s familiar groans of pleasure, and I simply reveled in her enthusiastic response.
I  knelt in front of her and began sliding my hands down over the rest of her torso and belly, exploring all her slippery curves thoroughly.  My hands roamed over her thighs, and my left one slipped in between, teasing her pubic hair.  Janet shifted her legs apart in an invitation for more exploration.  She used one extended arm to brace herself as I continued my deliberate, loving assault on her beautiful body.  With one teasing hand between her legs, I used the other one to clutch and knead her rear end, keeping her stabilized and pulled toward me.
In this standing position,  gravity pulled Janet’s breasts so each one hung down against her chest.  Because our heights are the same, my mouth was at a perfect level for me to stretch my neck up and go after her left nipple.  By raising her arms up and down or slightly moving her torso, my sensual wife could also determine how easily I could capture my sweet target.  She wasn’t actually trying to keep me away but did intend to increase my excitement and yearning!  That little bit of tantalizing movement added greatly to my arousal.
It was only a few seconds of chasing, but I panted as I worked.  When I did catch the prize, I lapped and licked the tip with great hunger, and then opened my lips to taste it fully.  The rivulets of water cascading down her chest ran off the curves of my wife’s womanly flesh and into my hungry mouth, competing with Janet’s nipple for my full attention.  A little liquid hit my upper lip and splashed into my nose, so I had that to contend with that as well.  Being the ravenous husband, I wasn’t going to let the droplets of water win!
I suckled my wife’s tip hungrily, only pausing to turn my head briefly for the water to escape my mouth and allow me to breathe. It must have been arousing for Janet to look down and see me working relentlessly at my enjoyable task.  I refused to allow anything to stop me in my quest for delivering our pleasure!
Amidst her moans of approval, my wife gleefully remarked, “Be careful! You might drown!”
“I don’t care!” I growled as I continued to devour first one dripping nipple and then the other. My erection was hard as a rock and kept bumping against Janet’s lower legs as she twisted and turned to allow me the privilege of both sides of her chest.  My hands began roaming all over the slick flesh from her waist down, making sure to visit her warm inner slit frequently.
I was becoming more overheated by the second! As I contemplated my next move—whether to consummate our union in the shower or move to the bedroom—Janet made the decision for us.  My wife was becoming supremely excited as well, and evidently wanted a break from my continual attention.
“Okay, wild man, you’ve had enough!  It’s MY turn!”  She directed me to stand up, and of course, I readily obeyed.
I stood in the warm water as Janet took her soapy washcloth and wiped up and down my back and buttocks, then had me turn to face her with my back against the shower wall.  She ran the cloth all over my chest and belly, making sure to play with my sensitive nipples.  Then she used her bare hands to caress the soap from my skin, flicking and teasing each of those erect nubs as well.  Janet bent over a little, took the washcloth, and slid it up along the inside of my right thigh until it reached my swollen ball sack.  My wife lathered me up quite well, hefting my ‘package’ in her hand and soaping up my throbbing shaft.  I moaned in approval and surrender as she became a little more aggressive with her hand. Soon she discarded the cloth and felt up my man parts like it was the first time she’d ever seen them.
Janet was really getting into the wet watery play as I heard her own growling comment.  “I know what you”ll like!”  Before I could even form a thought, I felt her lean into the right side of my chest and surround my nipple with her open mouth.  Next came her talented tongue!  Janet is an expert at using the soft, fleshy part to prime my arousal and then following it with the serpentine tip to swirl around and over my helplessly sensitive nipple.
As a side note, our shower walIs are made from smooth, solid surface material, something I very much appreciated as I  groaned in delight and pressed back into the wet wall. I tried my best to stay upright as her tongue teased my nipple and her hand encircled my throbbing shaft.  Her stroking/pumping action combined with her mouth on my chest was absolutely amazing!
Then, with her mouth still working my chest, Janet murmured, “Hhhmm?” Without any real words, she was asking for my response to her talented teasing actions!
“Ahhh, yeaaah… Oh, MY!”  I groaned in anguish.
My wife shifted further around in front of me and then gave my neglected left nipple the thorough attention it deserved.  My moaning was becoming more constant, and I reached up to tease her wonderfully large, inviting breasts as they just hung there for my pleasure.  I did get in a few caresses on her chest and a couple of touches on her nipples before Janet slid down to a full kneeling position right in front of me.
Janet’s hands and eyes were now focused solely on my raging penis.  As she studied and massaged my most intimate parts, my wife urged, “Spread your legs a little and put your hands against the wall. I don’t want any distractions!”
Immediately, I followed her directions.  I pointed my arms down and away from my sides, then turned my palms backward so they plastered against the slick surface behind me.
Janet now had full control of the situation.  She used the soapy washcloth to thoroughly coat every bit of me with suds.  Then she put the cloth aside and began exploring me with her hands.  She held onto my shaft, working her left hand all around it while her right hand went exploring southward.  My wife teased the sides and bottom of my swollen sack, then crept under and back until she found the deliciously sensitive perineum hidden behind my swollen scrotum.
I gasped at her first teasing of that ultra-sensitive patch of flesh and panted as Janet trailed her fingertips down the back of and then all over my ball sack.  The thin skin was stretched out from the weight of its contents, and her teasing, tickling caresses made sure to touch every little bit as she worked her way all around my helpless man parts.  The sensual tickling from my wife’s wandering fingers sent sexual electricity right into my loins and the rest of my body!
Her hand encircling my shaft kept the perfect amount of pressure on my erection as she slowly stroked and pumped up and down my length.  The fingertips of her free hand followed the sensitive edges of the swollen head, and Janet also used the thumb of her milking hand to tease my frenulum, that tiny little fold of skin just below the head of my penis.
I groaned and shuddered, my body trembling with delight as I stayed pressed against the shower wall.  I knew when she started using her hands on me that it would be exciting, but I was still mentally and physically unprepared for how intense and exhilarating it turned out to be!
Her delicate, feathery touches sent waves of pleasure through me, and she simply kept repeating her motions, enjoying her ability to make me moan, squirm and jump from her lightest of touches while I struggled to keep my hands and back pressed against the shower wall.  Now, my wife would deny having any kinky urges of her own, but I am sure she was enjoying my “pretend bondage” as she teased me incessantly that day in the shower.
With her sultry voice, Janet asked, “Like it?” She punctuated her questions with yet another slow tickling caress along the side and underside of my tender, now hypersensitive scrotum.
“Guuh-Huuuh!” I groaned incoherently,  nearly unable to keep my feet on the floor of the shower stall as my body writhed in delight from her scintillating touch!  My eyes were wide with excitement as I breathed heavily from her ministrations.  Mercifully, Janet slowed her fingers before I was unable to stay upright.  As I was recovering from that bit of husbandly heaven, she totally surprised me with her next move.
My wife has a strong preference for the old standby of “penis in vagina” action, so oral sex is not a regular option on our lovemaking menu.  But this time, with her ardor stirred by our make-out session in the shower, Janet decided to really send me into orbit.  I was watching her hand slide down my erection and feeling her playing with. my balls when she quietly leaned over and engulfed the head of my penis in her mouth.  I groaned heavily as she held my shaft with her lips while swirling all around the head with her talented tongue.
“Ooooo, Whoah-HO-HO!”  I moaned in pleasure as she flicked back and forth on my sensitive frenulum.
Unable to go anywhere, I relieved some pressure by taking turns making fists and reopening and pressing my palms harder against the shower wall as I panted in arousal.  My wife could gauge my excitement by watching my hands, feeling my body’s tension, and hearing my incoherent breakdown.  At the perfect time, Janet released my head but kept her lips sideways on the shaft, surrounding that most sensitive little fold of frenulum skin and teasing it again!
“Gahhh!” I gurgled, feeling weak in the knees.
My wife leaned back from my erection but kept her hand cupping my ball sack and her fingers curling behind to keep that area on fire.  With her other hand, she reached up to lightly touch my nipple.
My breathing, already raspy, became very irregular with her new teasing ‘torments.’  “Ple-ee-ase!”  I gurgled in total surrender to my pleasures.
From her knees, Janet looked at me with an expression of both desire and sensual power as she asked,  “Ready to head to bed?”
“Ah!…Yeah!” I croaked.  At that point, I would have gone anywhere my sensual wife directed me!
[To be continued.]

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