Under My Desk

I had a call to make. It was one of those unpleasant realignment-type sessions with some of our suppliers. The situation had escalated to the point where it was going to be ugly. I had decided to make the call from home so that when it was over, I could have a beer and try to calm down. I had spent the last ten minutes or so complaining about it to my wife. She didn’t understand the ins and outs, but she could see how agitated I was. She listened quietly and placed her hand on mine as I talked. When I got up to go to my little home office, she kissed me and said it would be okay.

I sat in my chair, got everything ready, and was about to join the call when she walked in. My jaw hit the floor. She was completely nude and carried her favorite purple dildo. Wordlessly, she gave me another kiss and slid under my desk. Making sure I could see, she sucked the fake cock to get it good and wet, then slid it into her pussy. Then she got on her knees and reached for my belt. Still slack-jawed, I numbly helped as she slid my pants down and off. Then she touched her finger to her watch and winked. Shit. I had forgotten all about the call.

As I clicked “join” on the screen, she pulled my chair closer to the desk and buried my dick in the warm wetness of her mouth. Holy shit. As I looked over the room of my soon-to-be victims, she created a vacuum seal around my cock and started sucking like a woman possessed with need.

When I felt my cock penetrate her throat, I stole a glance through the glass desktop. She held her nose on my pubes while her eyes bore into mine. She pulled off as they began to water, and I returned my attention to the screen. While I was tearing some guy a new one, I felt her nose repeatedly touch my pubes and my cock head penetrate her velvet throat. She was definitely going to be rewarded for this.

As I selected my next guy, I felt her release me and stole another glance. She moved to her back with her knees spread wide and started working that purple cock in and out of her pussy. I was going to have to find a way to end this call. Another glance found my wanton wife busy with both hands, one working the dildo and the other frigging her clit. I didn’t know how long she could keep this up. I didn’t know how long I could keep this up.

As I prepared to verbally charge my next target, I looked down briefly to discover her in the fetal position with one hand over her mouth, while the other was trapped between her legs as she convulsed in an obviously strong orgasm. Damn, that’s hot.

I thought she might be done, but I was wrong. I felt her move again, and when I glanced down this time, I found her ass facing me. She spread open her cheeks with one hand, and with the other, she slid the glistening purple cock into her cute little asshole. Wow. I continued chewing butt, but my glances at what was happening under my desk were becoming more frequent.

I felt her scoot her ass as close as she could to me. It was now mere inches from my own throbbing cock. I couldn’t resist and placed my hand over hers as she thrust the fake schlong. She moved hers, though, and slipped it around between her legs to rub her clit again. So, while I was chewing ass on screen, I was fucking hers with the fake dick.

This was all getting to me. I hadn’t cum, and my own very real cock was pulsing and drooling heavily. Then I felt my wife tense and heard the briefest of little chirps—she had cum again. She slowly rocked forward, lay face down on the floor, and tried to breathe quietly.

I finally made it to the last guy, and as he bore the brunt of my frustration, I felt my wife’s hands slide up my thighs. Looking down was an erotic sight to behold. Her mascara had run down both cheeks, her lipstick was streaking her cheek, and her hair, coated with sweat, had stuck to her temples. She licked her smeared lips, winked, and swallowed my cock once again.

As I prepared to give the room my final what for, my cock reached its limit. I faked a cough and put my arm over my mouth while I erupted cum into hers. As I faked another cough, I could feel her grinning on my dick. She quietly slurped one last time and pulled off. As I made my closing remarks, I glanced down, and she opened her mouth to show me her prize.

This was not going to be her last time under my desk.

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