Just in the “Nip ” of Time

Jim’s away for the first few days of this week, and I am so horny for him that I’m about to burst! Even while wearing a heavy duty pad (sorry, guys) I almost soak through it with my pussy creaming the way it does. All I can think about is Jim’s big, thick, hard cock pounding me in three or four positions over the course of a monumental fuck session. Oh, God, I need to cum—badly.

It’s one of those days when just walking down the hallway at work, feeling my blouse caressing my swollen breasts right over my sheer bra, brings me to the brink of orgasm. I notice everyone staring at the two-gun salute my nipples are displaying in their perpetual rock hard state. Ugh!

Off to the ladies room for the second time today; I hope it’s empty because I know I don’t have long.

Wouldn’t you know it, two of the three stalls are occupied, and my supervisor is primping over the sink.

“Hi Patty, I see you’re in a state again today,” she says while staring at my chest. “Hope Jim gets back soon. You need to get back up to speed, sweetie,” she adds with a wink.


One down, two to go.

As I’m washing my hands, I hear two flushes, and as if they were choreographed, Jill and Nola from accounting crawl out of their stalls and flank me at the vanity. I smile and play nice.

“Still can’t believe how hot it is out there,” Jill offers.

“Yeah, Patty here isn’t the only one around here who is hot and bothered,” says Nola with a big smile.

“Okay, the coast is clear, Patty, so you can do your thing,” says Jill with a knowing smirk. “Enjoy yourself,” she says while departing.

(I just know she has caught me doing my Jilling in the past, just as I reached a climax and I was reacting with my typical moans and contained cries.)

Now I only have a few minutes, so as I’m unbuttoning, I’m thinking of Jim working my tits the way only he (well, and me) knows best.

Ah, yes!

After a pretty hard squeeze to my breast meat, I circle in for the kill. Squeezing, pulling, and twisting my nips, I picture Jim’s manly meat sliding down my throat. I can feel my throat gagging as he fucks my mouth. I can also feel a volcano erupting as I pinch myself into a colossal orgasm. Just then I hear the bathroom door opening as my moaning is beginning to subside.

God, I really needed that, I think to myself as I get myself back together and exit my hiding place.

Oh, God, no way… it’s…

“I was listening outside the door, Patty. I knew I was right,” says Jill. “You were even louder this time than the last two! I couldn’t help but hear,” she added.

Damn, busted big time!

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