I found myself tied up in front of two naked girls

Three isn’t always a crowd. Sometimes, things get even better when three people are involved. In this case, nobody would say no to two smoking hot blondes. The gentleman himself wasn’t so bad to look at. With his big, hunky muscles and his long, thick cock. He was tied up, waiting to be used for their pleasure. They slowly untied his restraints and took off all of their clothes. The two blondes started drooling at the thought of being fucked by this masterpiece. First, the girls had to get a taste of his manhood. He laid his head back and enjoyed the show. His shaft was enormous, and the naked girls tried to put it all in their mouths. The moans coming from them were delicious, and it made it all seem so erotic. They each had a go at his cock – sucking, licking, slurping, playing with his balls, and deep-throating. After a decent amount of time had passed, the real show started. One of the gorgeous naked girls sat on his thick shaft, full cowgirl style. He started pounding away, and her ass bounced with every thrust. Her hot friend started spanking her ass, making it swell up more by the second. In and out, up and down, it went on for the longest time. She screamed, moaned, and painted, feeling stuffed with a good cock. The blush on her ass gave her a nice touch. Soon, it was time for her friend.


She was eager to feel the same pleasure. The girls switched places, and the hunk just continued his brutal pace. Slamming in and out, grunting along the way. Her friend was helpful, pushing her hips to slam down on the cock. She just wanted to make sure her friend got all of the pleasure she desired. The sexy naked girls switched places again and changed up the position. Now the fucking continued in the reverse cowgirl. With a bit of help from her hand massaging her clit, she moaned deliciously. Everything was sticky from their pussy juices. The room was a genuinely sinful place. They wanted to enjoy the pleasure together, so they changed positions again. It was like a train – one girl lying down, the other eating her pussy while she was fucked doggy style. The pussy eating was phenomenal. The blonde made sure her friend enjoyed her licking and sucking. She tried her best to concentrate, but with such a hard dick drilling into her, it was difficult. The two naked girls lay next to each other as the hefty, sexy man pounds into one of them again. His pace is still as brutal as before, chasing his pleasure. The blondes are helping him out with their moans, kisses, and touches. His movements become unhinged, and he pounds away. Her eyes go into the back of her head, and she sees all white. Her legs try closing in, but his hips don’t allow that. She cums finally, dragging out her moans and pants. He comes seconds after, grunting loudly and collapsing from exhaustion.






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