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Their husbands don’t even suspect why their wives smile at them and kiss them goodbye when they leave for work in the morning. It doesn’t matter that they’re already 40; these housewives just adore fucking and can’t go a day without an orgasm. Luckily, there is Zac, a handsome young guy, who can deliver these two MILFs what they need! He has been watching them, and his huge cock is already throbbing from seeing the two mature babes kiss, caress and finger each other. As soon as he strips and rushes towards them, the horny MILFs put their entire focus on his dick. Although they start things off with gentle licks and a bit of sucking, the MILFs soon begin taking turns deepthroating every inch of him with pure lust in their eyes. After they’ve ensured that his entire shaft is covered in their juices and that their twats are wet, Cherie bends over and starts eating out Vic whilst arching her back. Without wasting a second, he goes behind her juicy ass and shoves himself deep inside her already quivering twat. With each deep thrust, her moans become louder, and her tongue gets faster, almost pushing the blonde babe over the edge. It doesn’t take long before Cherie’s beautiful body starts to shiver as she has a strong orgasm from the intense penetration. Her husband had always just climbed on, done his business, grunted and climbed off, never entertaining any thought of her pleasure or her enjoyment. On the contrary, Zac always brings her to an orgasm, not just an orgasm, but wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure! Now that she’s exhausted, it’s her friend’s turn to get plowed, so the sexy naked woman takes the opportunity to straddle the stallion and be in control. Bouncing her fat booty as his manhood slowly stretches her insides quickly leads to her moaning uncontrollably and having an orgasm. Even though both naked women came, they still have lots of energy and are willing to continue the raunchy threesome for as long as it takes for him to bust a fat nut. Without wasting a moment to catch their breaths, they spread their pussy lips and moan joyfully as he continues to plow their insides.






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