Perfect free-use babysitter taking care of her employer’s dick

Single dad hires a new live-in nanny, Khloe, to take care of his kids and do some cleaning around the house. The most important rule around the house is that his babysitters should let him freeuse them however she wants. Fortunately, the girl is more than willing to fulfill her duties. Once the boys are in bed, the teenage babysitter is ready to be a free-use sex toy for her daddy. He pulled down her tight jeans, revealed her bubbly ass, and stuck his big cock inside her little twat. Her young tight vagina felt amazing around his big dick. The teen babe even pushed her cute little ass back onto him, making him fucking her even deeper from behind. He didn’t do it too long because he just wanted to get a taste. Right now, they’re sitting in the living room. Khloe is busy writing her notes. The girl wants to catch up on her studies, but he has another thing in mind. He doesn’t want to disturb her. Far from it! He just wants to put the tip of his dick in her mouth. Khloe does as she’s supposed to and multitasks. She is getting tasks that concerns taking care of his dick and balls. One minute later, he’s making her fold the clean towels. The girl is all dressed up and ready to go out after her job. He is about to ruin her perfect dress. As the teen girl is reaching for the towels, he lifts up her pink dress. The little slut isn’t wearing any panties, as he was expecting.


He knows that the boys will be all over that ass, but he wants to be the first to hit it tonight. He enters his girl’s vagina in doggy as she’s folding the towels. As he fucks her, Khloe’s reluctant moans grow ever louder. This old man’s cock is beginning to interfere with her work. He revels in the act and soon takes her in cowgirl, spreading her perfect white ass, revealing the fact that she hasn’t waxed or shaved down there. With all the new sexual chores she has, the poor girl can’t manage it. He doesn’t mind. Hell, he loves all that young furr as he reaches down and touches her holes. While in reverse cowgirl, Khloe holds on to her clit and jerks it hard. Every time the skinny naked girl lowers herself to the hilt she contracts her vagina around his shaft. He starts to pound balls deep into her tiny body with upward thrust of his hips burying his dick deep into her pussy. She can lie, but her body can’t – it just plain loves being used up by her master. The last thing both of them can remember is him pinning her down in missionary, spreading her skinny legs wide open, fucking her fats and deep and cumming all over those fresh pubic hairs. The rest is lost to them in a sexual haze.






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