Stepsis catches him jerking off in his pajamas and decides to join in on the fun

She always had a thing for her younger step-brother. She never imagined there would be an opportunity for her to live out her fantasy. Luckily, he is careless and starts jerking off his long
cock in the living room. She couldn’t help herself, and she had to join. Just as her pussy started getting wet, he caught her, and they both screamed. Who would have thought her step-brother
wanted her as well? She tried to help him get off, so she took his dick and rubbed a generous amount of Vaseline on it. That felt amazing, but it still wasn’t enough. So, she did the next best
thing – a killer blowjob. It seemed like her naughty step bro hasn’t had much experience. His moans were incredible, and she relished it. It fueled her to take his shaft deeper into her throat. Spit went everywhere. Her tits were covered in it because her mouth couldn’t keep it all inside. He started thrusting his hips into her hot mouth and let out deep grunts. He couldn’t wait to sink his cock inside of her hot pussy. The teens warmed up in a simple position, with her legs up and over her head. This helped his virgin dick reach her sweetest spot, and her eyes crossed with pleasure. His inexperience was making him do an even better job. They changed positions again. From cowgirl to doggy, to another cowgirl. It went on and on. They couldn’t decide which was better. He has her in doggy, her cute little ass up in the air, the angle incredible. But he wanted to look at her face when she came. Cute naked girl enthusiastically bounced on his long shaft, and soon enough, the pleasure took over her body. He followed after her, welcoming the massive orgasm. The step siblings should do this more often, they thought.






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