Thick Latina squirts joyfully from having her big booty stretched out

Keeping her thick and curvy Latina body tanned is vital for the busty hottie Luna. Whenever it’s sunny, the hot busty babe runs into her backyard by the pool and slathers oil all over herself big round ass and her big round boobs with joy in hopes of tanning perfectly. As soon as she finishes fondling her huge tits and curves, the half naked babe lies down to relax, only to realize her water bottle is completely empty. Despite wanting to relax, she can’t withstand the heat, so she struts inside begrudgingly to fill it up. While entering the kitchen, she sees Zac fixing up the sink but pays no attention to him as she’s yearning to go out back and continue getting her tan. Seeing the gorgeous Latina walk in so seductively instantly gave him tons of kinky ideas, so he begged her to help him out by holding a flashlight. It doesn’t take long for her to realize what he’s trying to do, so to tease him, she squats onto his face only to feel his tongue gently caress her clit. Her idea of tanning gets thrown out the window as she quickly becomes wet and starts aching for some naughty fun. As she slides her panties to the side, she slowly inches herself lower so he can lick every inch of her quivering fanny. Within seconds of doing so, the babe sees his bulge rise up, so she swiftly gets on her knees to have a taste of his huge throbbing cock. Sucking on the tip and slowly pushing the entire shaft down her throat fills the busty brunette with pure lust.


To get him as hard as possible, she deepthroats him with passion, and as soon as he’s ready to thrust, the hot babe climbs on top and slides it up her massive booty. Instead of letting her do all the work, he holds her juicy cheeks up and pumps her with every bit of strength he has from the bottom. The deeper he thrusts, the louder her moans become, and soon enough, they turn into screams of pure joy and lust. After having her asshole stretched completely, she turns around to face him and catch her breath, but rather than let her relax, he shoves himself up her snatch and continues with the pummeling excitedly. Thrusting deep into her sopping wet pussy he cups her ass and slides his finger into her asshole. His balls were slapping against her clit and taking her over the edge. Despite being exhausted, Luna manages to bend over and arch her back for him to use her from behind relentlessly. Banging her in doggy style doesn’t last long as he swiftly feels her pussy starting to quiver and tighten around his giant white dick. To make her cum he pulls out and begins fingering her as hard as possible while staring deep into her eyes. The intensity of his hands easily pushes her over the edge, and she lets out a loud, squirting orgasm that leaves the kitchen floor soaked in her juices. Although her twat is satisfied, she knows that he has lots more energy to release, so she seductively spreads her legs wide and lets him rail her for as long as it takes for him to bust.






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