Two girls swapped their stepbros to lose their virginities

Like all 18 years old girls, Serena and Lola, they are very interested in sex, they talk about boys, cocks and about their first time. The girls sometimes touch a bit longer than friends should. Today, they take it a bit further. Unlike the usual pecks the friends give each other, today they’re kissing like two little schoolgirl sluts. After Serena gets a taste of Lola’s pussy, the pair start getting crazy ideas about more experimentation. Namely, Lola wants to throw some cocks into the mix. Who better to do it than their two annoying stepbros? Serena thinks that’s crazy but goes along with it. The girls sneak up behind each other’s brothers and place sleeping masks on their faces. Serena takes Lola’s bro Jimmy, and Lola takes Berry. The guys were in the middle of playing video games. They’re stunned but go along with this game. One minute later, they feel something they’ve never felt before. It is as if something wet touches them “down there.” Jimmy moans in pleasure for the first time in his life, and Berry joins him. They hear their sisters’ voices in between the gagging and slurping. So, they realize that they’re getting BJs for the first time in their lives. The girls escalate this competition.


They take their stepbros to a king-size bed. Serena rides Jimmy, the pale blonde boy-turned-man, while Lola inserts Berry’s penis inside her virgin twat. Moans and screams are mutual now. All four teens moan and get closer to cumming. The sweet young genitals look amazing as they mix up and fuck. The boys take their blindfolds off and, in no time, get the idea of getting back at their sisters. How precisely? By re-swapping them. Yes! The boys switch, and their stepsisters go along. Each lets her own stepbrother fuck her from the back. Jimmy pumps Lola hard for all the times she made fun of him, and Berry does the same to Serena. The guys don’t just put it in them – they make them their own! After turning the naked girls around and fucking them like a pair of cowgirls, they place them next to one another and screw them in missionary. Both pussies are being fucked balls deep, for the very first tine. Their stepbrother’s virgin cock are going in and out of their virgin pussies. As the girls cum, the guys get close. Only after they’ve satisfied their sisters do the boys pull out and cum on their stepsisters’ stomachs. Of course, they high-five each other. The girls don’t look disappointed. They just don’t want anyone to know that they’re lame brother-fucking sluts.






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