My stepdaddy makes me cum so much better than my boyfriend can

Maria is supposed to go trick-or-treating with her boyfriend, but he breaks up with her before she can even get her costume ready. Trying to console her, her stepdad convinces her to still celebrate Halloween and show that guy how much fun she can have without him! The girl had her heart set on doing a couple’s costume, so she asks her stepdad to go with her. The two try a couple of outfits, which makes the man notice what a hot and tight body his sexy stepdaughter has. This also makes Maria realize that her stepdad can do much more than trick-or-treating with her! With his big mature cock he can make her cum so hard! She never had an orgasm with her boyfriend, and she has never thought she could have more than one! Her daddy holds her slim legs and pounds her little cunt in a piledriver position. He leaned down to kiss me while his cock did amazing things to my cunt. If your chick wanna go deep, this position may be for you! The tiny naked girl just squeals as her orgasm hits her. “I knew you would be a little whore, all wet and needy for me. You’re going to cum already, aren’t you?” Her pussy starts squirting all over him. “You want it?” he gives her his cock to lick and suck. After sucking his cock the girl climbs his cock to ride it. He digs his fingers into her cute little ass, slamming himself into her harder and harder. Her body is still shaking for her orgasm. The daddy continues slamming into her the tightness making his balls ache for release. Her inner muscles quivering around him send him off the brink. “Ahhhhh…fuck yea.” he slams into her little cunt emptying his load deep into her body.






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