Naked stepsister caught him spying on her with a hidden camera

Melanie was about to go sunbathing by the pool and had put on her best bikini. While she admired her gorgeous body in front of the mirror in the bathroom, she noticed something strange hidden under a stack of towels. It was a camera! Her pervy stepbrother had hidden it there. She rushed out of the bathroom to confront him. Quickly, she noticed that the little pervert was hard! He had been caught spying on his stepsister with a hidden camera and she made a deal with him. He had to make her cum and she would keep this a secret! The girl grabbed his pants with both hands and pulled them and underwear down. His dick sprang out at her. God, it was so big! When his sexy stepsister wrapped her hand around his dick for the first time he moaned softly, and she actually got to see it as a little drop of pre-cum oozed out of the slit at the end. She bent his shaft over so that it was close to her lips. She put my tongue as far out of her mouth as it would go and licked the head of his dick. One lick, two, and then his stepsister swallowed and all of the pre-cum was gone forever inside her. Once she had touched his tool to her mouth, she realized that she couldn’t wait any longer. She opened wide and put it into her. She was amazed at how hot it was. And how big! It was like trying to stuff a whole plum into her mouth all at once. His stepsis slid her lips down his shaft, taking him as deeply into her throat as she could.


When her lips were almost touching his balls the tip of his shaft was touching the back of her throat. Holding her both ears with his hands her stepbrother started fucking her mouth and moaning with each thrust, making his balls slap against her chin. “Fine, let’s make out on my bed,” his stepsister said, got fully naked and moved up onto the bed. That’s when she got on all fours, stuck her sexy ass in the air, and put her face down. This was the first time that he was looking at his stepsister’s pussy. The combination of her curvy thighs, clean shaved pussy, perfect ass and beautiful smile from that angle is out of this world. The girl has the most flawless pussy and ass you will ever see. Her skin is immaculate, her pussy is as smooth as silk and her anus is absolutely gorgeous and perfect. The head of his cock was right there at the forbidden zone. They both grunted as he slid in balls deep. It felt so God damned good. It was absolute perfection. His cock gently throbbing inside of her gently pulsing vagina. “Damn, you’re a hot little slut,” he said as he fucked his rock-hard manhood in and out of her pink cunt. The naked girl continued to moan each time his thick cock entered her pussy completely and their pelvis’s slapped noisily together. He lay on top of her now, she wrapped herself around his body and his hands held her rounded buttocks in a tight grip. Her pussy was stretched around his cock, and she was sliding backwards and forwards with the force of the deep fucking she was getting. His stepsister wanted to ride his cock and see his face as her pussy made him cum. She just wanted to fuck him over and over, till she felt his hot sperm inside her vagina.






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