Roleplay fun makes her squirt hard all over him!

Angel and her boyfriend are horror movie fanatics, and they love the idea of playing out those classically erotic stories without all the violence… Why not chase Angel through her home as she hopes desperately to “accidentally” trip and fall, letting her boyfriend catch up and put his hands all over her body. Watch that chest rise and fall with deep breaths, heart hammering for the thrill of the chase! In this homage, the guys have a little risky roleplay fun, playing out an intense passionate fantasy. The maniac stalks the victim, chases her throughout the house and overtakes her in the garage. Her big naturals bounce so beautifully! They are breathtaking. Her hands are tied, her mouth is gagged and she is suspended by her hands from the ceiling. Her amazing tits are here for him. So firm! So incredibly large! He has always been a tit man, the bigger the better. The thought of just being absolutely used as a sex toy is so hot. He grabs her tits and begins greedily sucking on them. Two big juicy breasts! Finally he slams himself into her, pulling her hips onto his throbbing cock, impaling her as if on a spear. His busty girlfriend squeals with pleasure. Sex has never been so good for them. Her big tits are bouncing as his thrusts moves her entire body. Her back arches and hips bucking to meet his thrusts. There you go…” he says. “You’re cumming… c’mon… tell me you’re cumming. Tell me…” she has one orgasm after another. But only riding him makes her squirt hard all over him! She can’t think about anything but the thick dick impaling her each time she slams herself down. “Push that dick in! Push it in deep in my ASS!” she moans. He gets the head in and slowly pushes his hips forward, forcing his full length into her ass, deep into her anus. He pounds fast and deep in and out of her ass hole, causing her to squeal in delight!






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