I made a No Nut November bet with two sexy girls for a whole month

Peter made a No Nut November bet with his friends for a whole month, but he’s in so much pain that he’s about to quit. His stepsister Mackenzie and her best friend Anya discover that there’s a pretty big prize money for winning the bet, so the little sluts figure they could help him win the bet and then ask for a cut of the prize. The girls’ plan proves successful as Peter engages in all kinds of leisure activities and freeuse sex with Mackenzie and Anya which keeps him distracted and allows him to avoid the pain. But it becomes more and more difficult when two beautiful butts are around. He just can’t hold it anymore and pulls down his pants in front of the girls, exposing his painfully erect cock. The girls feel so sorry for him, they begin to caress his erection and his scrotum. The girls then turn their attention on him and start to lick off his cock. To feel two mouths on his penis is a heavenly experience. Especially after a week of abstinence. Anya takes his whole cock in her mouth and Mackenzie licks the balls. As Mackenzie takes the cock in, now Anya is licking his blue balls. The girls even put his dick in between their two mouths and French kiss. But our soldier remains faithful to the male oath. No Nut November means no cum!


He manages to take his cock away from these two horny sluts. Now it’s the girls who can’t stop thinking about his cock. The girls start walking around the house fully naked, seducing him with the view of their cute little asses and pussies. Mackenzie gets on all fours and sticks her ass high in the air, inviting Peter to lick her pussy. After all, licking pussy doesn’t count! Perhaps feeling a warm pussy on his cock will help him a little with his painful erection? Spreading her ass cheeks wide open with both hands he slams himself balls deep into her body. Yes, it feels so good! He decides to keep fucking her and pull out in time. Recieving any intercourse or outercourse with another person is only allowed so long that you yourself do not ejaculate. Both naked girls keep playing their video game and he keeps fucking their pussies. He fucks both of their pussies, going back and forth from one pussy to the other. He fucks their pussies until he feels like he is too close to cumming to go on. But for the girls his cock feels too good to let him go. Two naked girls begin riding him, milking him with their pussies. “I’m going to – Oh my fucking God!” he screams and he unleashes his cum all over two naked girls.






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