He was dating the mom but he wanted a taste of the naughty daughter

He knew his new girlfriend’s daughter would be a problem for him, and he didn’t expect her to want him as badly as he did. He has a nice and quiet movie night with her mother, but it is soon interrupted by the young brunette vixen. When she put her foot on his dick, he knew he was done for. He made a quick excuse and went behind the couch. The mom was oblivious to her disobedient daughter going down on her knees and taking his long shaft into her mouth. They had to be careful if they didn’t want to get caught. He could barely control his moans as the slut’s tongue went all over his cock. He tried to return to watching the movie, but the slutty daughter pulled her pants down to reveal a yellow butt plug inside of her tight ass. He made another excuse and put his cock in her tight pussy. She went behind the kitchen counter and went down on her knees again. They barely managed to stay quiet, even when the mom came to see what was happening. The naughty woman didn’t plan on stopping with her cock worship and continued sucking and licking his shaft without a care in the world. The feeling of getting caught only made her wetter by the second. Sensing he was close, he gave her a vague explanation and rushed to the bedroom with his young minx.


The plug already stretched her out, and he switched it for his hard cock. He pounded into her tight teen ass in doggy style, and they could finally let out all of their moans. He was merciless, punishing her for all of the previous teasing. He pulled her off the bed and put one leg on his shoulder, continuing with his rushed thrusts. The position changed back to doggy because he wanted the best view of her sexy ass bouncing around while his cock entered her tight opening. He didn’t know how much pleasure someone could get while fucking a woman’s ass hole. He wanted that crazy slut in every position possible, so after a while, they were on the bed again, reverse cowgirl style. The clear view of his shaft going in and out of her asshole was enough to make anyone aroused. She was enjoying herself immensely, and she could feel him pushing through her, chasing his high. The naked girl pushed her slender fingers inside her dripping cunt, and now she was filled to the brim in all of her holes. She bounced on his cock for some time before he picked up her legs and adjusted the angle. He lost himself in the pleasure, too, and pounded up into her ass with a fast rhythm. They didn’t care if anyone heard them at this point, and she screamed and panted while he was drilling mercilessly. Soon enough, they both reached their final destination, and the orgasm crashed through them. It was a risk worth taking, seeing how satisfied they were in the end.






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