His student taught him a lesson when she caught him jerking off to her ass

He didn’t know having a hot student would be such a distraction, but with her walking around with her barely-covered ass, he knew he was in trouble. Willow’s parents hired him to help her with her final exam. However, once he took a look at her gorgeous ass, he had other things in mind. He just couldn’t help fantasizing about her magnificent ass. When she caught him fully naked, in her living room, jerking off to the sight of her ass bouncing around, she decided to use him for her pleasure. The sexy teen babe took off her pink panties and hooked them around his long cock, pulling him in for a wet blowjob. She sucked his dick with much enthusiasm, and he was enjoying his fantasy coming to life. However, he needed to get his cock up her pussy, and he needed it now. She sat in his lap, slowly easing down on his length before beginning to bounce up and down at a steady rhythm. Her amazing ass jiggled with every thrust of his hips upwards, and their moans mixed deliciously. He had never seen an ass more sexy, more beautiful! She had the most perfect ass possible. His naked student spread her perfectly round buttocks in front of his face with both hands. After some time in the cowgirl, they switched to doggy style so he could have a clear view of her massive bottom. He played around with her, changing speeds, watching his cock slide through her ass cheeks and disappearing in her dripping heat. His movements were becoming erratic, and he was soon lost in all of the pleasure. He had to see her face again, so he flipped her on her back, legs up in the air. Her face gave it all away. She was in a state of pure bliss, and he sucked on her clit for a bit before plunging his cock right back inside. This continued for some time before he decided to be a bit adventurous and placed her on the floor. He pulled up her legs again, bracing his palms on her feet and sinking inside. He fucked her in this angle, and his naked student was slowly losing her mind. She never came in this position before, and it was stunning.






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