The curvy naked woman lets the janitor pound her thick booty

Coming into a messy office was not how Savannah had expected her day to go. As she entered and saw everything smashed, she quickly found out that her co-workers had thrown a party beforehand. She browed through her phone only to find a plethora of kinky videos of the party. It turns out that a steamy gangbang took place right where she worked. Her hand slowly slid down towards her panties and she started rubbing her clit. The other her hand was massaging her boob, her big all natural tit! But just as the blonde was about to watch the juiciest part and had an orgasm, the cleaner came in. Despite him being nearby, the lustful blonde’s curiosity took over, so she tried to sneakily play the clips on her phone without being caught. It didn’t take long for her to get noticed, but instead of getting angry at the janitor for peeping, she put her phone next to him so they could both enjoy it together. Soon enough, the busty blonde noticed his bulge getting bigger by the second. Seeing his dick pulsate through his pants and the dirty gangbang scenes filled her with lust, so she gathered enough courage to start fondling him. As soon as her hands began stroking his young cock, he began sliding off his underwear so she could give his thick meat a passionate handjob. It didn’t take long for the big booty blonde to start blowing it, and once her mouth got a taste of his manhood, she couldn’t help but crave something much raunchier.


After passionately deepthroating his huge cock the blonde babe finally got every inch of it covered in her drool, so she bent over with joy in hopes of getting dicked down relentlessly. Despite being tight, the office babe easily took his deep thrusts since she’s been rubbing her clit the entire time and was soaking wet. With each thrust, she could feel her insides tighten, but no matter how hard the janitor was pounding her, Savannah couldn’t cum until her juicy ass got railed. That’s why she quickly spread her legs wide and held her cheeks apart whilst seductively luring him towards her bum. Seeing the breathtaking naked woman beg for anal so much made it impossible for the cleaner to resist her, which is why he excitedly started pummeling her tush the second he saw it open up. Within minutes of railing her asshole and staring into her eyes, the blonde began to shiver joyfully as she had her first anal orgasm. She grabbed her big tits with both hands and squeezed her hard nipples, cumming on his dick. Despite having such a swift climax, her gorgeous body wasn’t done with sex just yet, so she excitedly straddled him to continue on with the fun. Seeing the thick and curvy naked woman ride his meat with pure lust in her eyes almost pushed the cleaner over the edge, but he managed not to bust until he made her cum once more. After her second orgasm, she couldn’t do much but moan out loud as he plowed her until he was ready to nut.






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