He couldn’t get enough of her hot vampire costume

Their shared Halloween costumes were so sexy that they couldn’t wait to get them off of each other at home. She was perfect as a naughty vampire, ready to suck her man dry. But he wanted to get a good taste of her sweet pussy first. Maybe it was as sweet as all the special Halloween candy they had. He licked her cute cunt with enthusiasm, relishing in the juices coming from it. He paid particular attention to her clit, sucking on it and making her squirm under his touch. His naked girl wanted to return the favor, so she knelt and made him sit back. She lapped at the head of his cock, took him in her warm mouth, and started sucking the life out of him. Her costume was fitting, after all. She bobbed her head up and down, taking as much of his big shaft as she could. Her throat closed around him when she tried to deep throat, and it was just too much. She twisted her hands around the base of his cock and helped herself out. After a fantastic blowjob, he wanted to fuck her a bit in doggy style. The naked girl grabbed the back of the couch and put her hands on the headrest. He pounded her pussy while she rubbed her clit, and after some time, they decided to switch positions. A reverse cowgirl came on next, and his thrust only got harder and faster. He was impatient and flipped them around again with her back on the couch. He let himself go and picked up the pace. After some hard thrust, he came with a grunt. Her pussy lapped and throbbed around his dick in pulsing waves and she shivered and came and came and came, the feeling of his warm seed inside her spurring the orgasm on. Everything leaked out of her wet cunt and pooled around them. He knew he had to cum again, so he sat her in his lap, and round two began.






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