He impressed a sexy Ebony lady on the street fucked her on his balcony

She knew she shouldn’t be so easily impressed, but this handsome man was to die for. She wanted to be in his bed, and she wanted it now. They rushed back to his place and went to the balcony with a nice bed. She took his massive cock in her mouth, just to warm him up first. He was thick, and her mouth was too small. That didn’t stop the skinny Ebony girl from trying to take all of him inside. She paid particular attention to his balls, sucking and tugging on them. The head of his cock was her favorite spot to suck on, and she moaned as she did so. With her kneeling to the side, he snuck his hand to her bald pussy and played with her clit. He rubbed her Ebony pussy vigorously and pushed his long fingers inside. She panted and couldn’t wait to be fucked, so she quickly sat on his cock, reverse cowgirl style. The skinny naked girl rubbed at her clit while he did wonders with her wet cunt. His thrusts were rough, and he was chasing his own high while making sure she was enjoying herself. He let her set the pace before turning her around in his lap. He had a clear view of her fucked out expression, and he knew she was on the edge too. He pushed her on her back, spread her long slender legs wide open and fucked her like that for a while before deciding that it was best to end the fun with a classic doggy style. With her round ass up in the air, he went as hard as he could. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she couldn’t hold in her screams. He kept on with his furious pace, and soon enough, their orgasms took over. They came crashing down like waves, and it was spectacular.






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