My girlfriend’s friend wants to share her body as our intimate secret

I tried to keep my cool because I knew my girlfriend’s friend was coming to visit us. One day, I found myself alone with her in the house. I saw her by the pool in front of the house, wearing a provocative pink bikini. She invited me to join her. As soon as I stepped into the pool, she instantly took off her bikini top, revealing her beautiful breasts. She told me that she’d wanted me for a long time and that this was our chance to have sex. I eagerly pulled out my already erect cock and offered it to her to try. Without hesitation, the little slut dove onto it, licking and swallowing it eagerly. She was hungry for a good fuck. I suggested that we go inside the house and continue our naughty encounter. We entered the room, and she didn’t waste a moment. She took off her pink panties, spread her legs wide, and lay on the bed, inviting me to enter her. I didn’t need a second invitation, and I immediately started thrusting deep into her. Her pussy was incredibly tight, so I almost came right away as I began to fuck her. Her sweet little cunt felt amazing! Massaging her clit and moaning loudly as I penetrated deeply, the sexy naked girl watched me with anticipation. It was clear that she was enjoying my big cock. I wanted to give her an incredible experience and make this fucking something she’d remember for a lifetime.


I pounded her hard, squeezing her firm nipples and pulling her raven-black hair with my other hand. I fucked her long enough to get lost in the rush of passion, and then I put her in the doggy-style position and began thrusting into her vigorously from behind. Her perfect ass looked amazing! She drove it back onto me, making my balls slap against her clit. This naughty little slut knows how to enjoy sex. I could see the pleasure on her face every time I penetrated deep into her. She wants it all the way, and she wants to feel every inch of my cock. Like a real little bitch, I fuck her hard while she holds my hand that is on her hip with one hand and with the other caresses my dick that penetrates her narrow hole. As I increased the pace, she got even more aroused and started telling me how she’s always wanted to feel my cock inside her holes. She begged me to promise her that I would always fuck her and that my girlfriend would never find out about our little secret. Uncontrollable passion quickly spread between us as we indulged in this fiery encounter. I couldn’t hold out for long, and I came intensely all over her back, releasing all the built-up tension. I promise we’ll repeat this adventure, exploring our desires in the shadows of secrecy again. The thrilling memories of our rendezvous will fuel our future encounters, igniting the flames of passion between us and binding us in an exciting conspiracy of pleasure.






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