My Confession by Peter T

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For some time now I have been trying to think of different ways to give my wife, Catherine, that little spark that would ignite that fire of desire inside her.

I started by signing up to FrolicMe, so that we could watch the sexy films together or alone sometimes and open up new horizons. I particularly enjoyed the hotwife videos because I would imagine that it was Catherine who was making love with another man, and it didn’t take long before I found a stiffening in my groin needing to be satisfied.

I shared my thoughts of hotwifing with Catherine, and she agreed to watch the hotwife films together. I told her how I pictured her in the movie being undressed and touched by the man and she would start to touch herself and get wet. It was lovely to see my horny wife getting aroused and masturbating over the male model, and we would make love every time afterwards, but there still seemed to be something missing.

Then, just before the end of last year, I saw the film Her Porn with Jesus and Baby making love. I enjoyed it and suggested to Catherine that she might like to watch it on her own and perhaps have some fun alone. She was initially a little reluctant, unsure as to how she would react. However, she agreed to try and give it a go and slipped on a very short skimpy dress with just a lovely pair of white silk thongs on underneath.

I suggested that she might like to video herself so that I could enjoy her response afterwards. Well, Catherine started to watch the film whilst sitting curled up on the sofa, but after a short while she put her feet on the floor, spread her legs wide and began to caress her inner thighs. (I was listening to her from the room next door to hear what she might be saying, and the following is what I saw later in the video.)

She began to slide her hand around her panties and rubbing her clit. I could see her hips beginning to move rhythmically to her touch whilst her eyes were glued on Jesus’s enormous erection as she switched on her favourite vibrator. Catherine moved the vibe around her increasingly damp panties pushing it against her vagina and squirming with delight.

I heard my horny wife say, “I want to feel your penis rubbing against my clit, sliding deep in my cunt.” She started to tease her breasts through the flimsy fabric and slid her hand inside to tingle her nipples.

“My tits are so aroused. Slide your cock deep in my cunt. I want you to lay me back on the bed and feel you slide deep inside me.” Pausing for a moment to slip her panties down and slide her vibrator into her moist pussy Catherine continued, “Just get your cock inside me. Fuck me deep and hard. Yeah, deeper, oh, sliding your oh big cock inside my cunt.”

She was on fire as the sensations flowing through her reached a crescendo.

“Oh, my cum all over your cock. Oh, oh, oh yes, oh oh oh yeah, oh yes, oh, your cock’s so deep in my cunt, oh! Your cum filling me up. Oh, oh, oh, yes, yes, yes!”

Her orgasm sounded amazing as the ripples of ecstasy flowed through her entire body, and she continued to writhe in sheer sexual bliss for some time, lost in total abandonment.

Wow! My cock was now rock hard and standing to attention, but I didn’t move because I could hear that the film had not finished yet, so I wanted to make sure that Catherine saw the climax—literally! So, imagine my surprise when I suddenly heard her love tool start up again.

Catherine was gliding it around her labia and thrusting it in and out of her dripping cunt with overwhelming arousal. I couldn’t believe that Jesus’s cock, with its big girth and huge length, would have such an effect on Catherine to instantly turn her on again so quickly.

“Oh, I want your tongue inside me too!” My horny wife gasped, and I pictured it in my mind, seeing her legs wide apart and Jesus’s tongue licking her shaved pussy and bringing her off. My cock twitched in approval of this image, but then it got even better when Catherine said, “Oh, oh, I’ll just lick your cock, rub up and down on the frenulum, oh, taste your sperm and pre-cum oh, in my mouth!”

Another picture sprang into my mind—seeing Catherine with her hands and lips around Jesus’s penis, licking and sucking his glans for all her worth until his creamy white sperm ejaculated into her expectant mouth.

I could barely contain myself from grabbing my cock and wanking myself off there and then. My pants were dripping wet with pre-cum, I was desperate to shoot my load as soon as possible seeing my horny wife. 

Then Catherine shouted, “Oh, oh, I feel you fucking me, oh, oh! Oh yes! Yes!” as she had another mind-blowing orgasm.

I imagined her lying on the bed with Jesus’s cock penetrating deep inside her pussy, thrusting with all his might until they both moaned in orgasmic union and he filled her completely with his cum.

Well, I have to confess that I did not expect that reaction from Catherine, but it has bowled me over. Since that day, it feels like she is a new person with a reignited passion. Every time we make love, she first masturbates thinking of Jesus undressing her, kissing, touching and caressing her, fucking her in all different positions and places. She tells me about what he is doing to her until she climaxes, and then we have sex together, taking turns to describe in detail what Jesus is doing to her next. I have never seen Catherine so excited and turned on by someone, but it makes me feel so horny and hard.

I have deliberately left the house to give Catherine many ‘special’ times to video herself masturbating over Jesus. My horny wife even went on her own into the nearby woods and masturbated, imagining Jesus fucking her from behind as she leaned against a tree. It has been so amazing, and never in my wildest dreams did I expect her to embrace this new sexual freedom. She is absolutely on fire! We now make love almost every night, with Catherine masturbating and cumming over Jesus as she talks about how she wants him to fuck her.

Just listening to her talk about what they are doing, the positions they are trying or how she is giving him an amazing blow job turns me on, and we make crazy love afterwards. Can it get any better than this? Well, perhaps if Jesus would like to pop around one day and treat Catherine to some real-life hotwife sex whilst I video them both, then I think that is a definite YES!

The post My Confession by Peter T appeared first on FrolicMe.






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