My friend’s mom got naked in front of me and asked me to massage her breasts

As usual, after school, Johnny went to his friend’s house to play video games with him, but the door was answered by his mother since he wasn’t at home. Mrs. Doir was a gorgeous woman, a real MILF, with an amazing body, big tits and a perfect ass! Johnny had jerked off many times imagining her on her knees blowing him, or him easing into her pussy as she laid beneath him in the missionary position, squeezing her big tits with both hands. Johnny was already about to go home when he heard her call out to him. Mrs. Doir said she wanted to ask him for a favor; she needed some help around the house. In his deepest imagination, he never expected that it would happen for real. Standing in front of him in the living room, Mrs. Doir unclasped her bra and asked him to massage her breasts for her. Soon she was fully naked, laying on the couch, rubbing her cunt and moaning. Despite the shock of the sight of his friend’s mother fully naked, he pulled himself together and jumped onto the sofa between her legs and began to rub her wet cunt. “Johnny, sweetheart, I want to suck your cock now.” A horny teenager quickly pulled out his hard dick and the naked woman began sucking it! Johnny had never had his virgin cock sucked before. He and his girlfriend had fooled around before – his hands up her top, her hands down his pants but he had never had real sex. Now he was looking down at a crazy slut sucking his dick like all those pornstars from his favorite porn. He was ready to cum in her mouth but she stopped, got on the couch and stuck her ass high in the air. She spread her ass cheeks with both hands in front of him and told him to go balls deep into her twat! He slammed himself balls deep into his very first pussy. The MILF screamed in delight, feeling a young hard hot cock in her vagina. It was much better than her husband’s limp, little prick. Johnny grabbed her waist with his hands and began pounding into her so fast and deep, moving almost that entire length out and then back into her squirting cunt. The naked woman just moaned in delight, having one orgasm after another.






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