A guy gives his stepmom a unique comfort on Thanksgiving

The guy came home from college for Thanksgiving day. At home, he found a crying stepmom who looked desperate. Father will miss the holiday and won’t be home for a few days. He will accept the stepmother’s proposal and take his father’s place. Stepmom’s hungry mouth immediately pounced on his meat. She took off his pants and started jerking his cock, revealing her big tits. While her cock grew in her skillful hands, she licked his swollen balls, and in a moment, the dick was in full erection. The sexy MILF thrust it deep into her throat until he filled her mouth with warm cum. The next few days will be interesting for them, that’s for sure. The following day, while she was preparing lunch, the guy found a naked stepmom in the kitchen, only in an apron. Glancing at him to drool over her ass and hot body, he couldn’t resist tasting her wet hole. While he was fucking her on the chair, a girl called him, and this was a unique opportunity for him to fulfill his fantasy of talking to a girl while fucking another woman. And that even to a horny stepmom who is gesturing to him that she will allow him to fuck her ass if he bee good. The adventure continued at lunch when his girlfriend arrived. While the stepmom made an excellent hand, she invited him to help her in the kitchen around the pie. As soon as he entered, he stuck his cock deep in her mouth. Horny mom accepted it with pleasure and promised him her fantastic ass tonight.


Sending the girl off, he complained that he wasn’t feeling well and would stay home tonight. Of course, he immediately headed to his stepmom’s room. His beautiful stepmom welcomed him naked, ready for the grand finale. She turned her big juicy ass to him and positioned herself to take him deep in her ass. He entered her suddenly. She was tight but didn’t want lubricant. She wanted to feel every inch of his cock. As he penetrated her, the hole widened and was now ready for rapid deep drilling. He fucked the horny MILF like a young stallion, slapping her on her big hard ass. She moaned like a real bitch, surrendering to him completely. Spreading his hands over her buttocks, she allowed him to penetrate deep into her until she received the entire fat tool of her stepson. His stepmom wanted to look him in the eye when he was fucking and told him to lie down on the bed. She rode him directly, thrusting his cock into her tight ass. Her tits bounced as he worked her anally. He could see the mixed emotions of pain and pleasure on her face, and while she was caressing her wet pussy with her hand, he felt that the climax was near and that she would cum soon. She felt it and told him to feel free to fill her ass with sperm because she wanted to feel it inside.






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