Crazy cumslut takes advantage of her two hot mechanics

Bella’s car broke down on the way to her booty call. Horny and defeated, she decided to take out her sexual frustration on a good samaritan who picked her up. The crazy bitch jerked him off so fast and sucked his cock so deep that the pure man squirted cum like a geyser! After he had dropped her off at the nearest garage, Bella decided that she was still in the mood! Lucky for Bella, the garage mechanics, Taylor and Scott, greet her with open arms (and legs)! The two hot mechanics in the shop already had some affair going on. The busty redhead loved being felt up by the hunky male while she fixed some tires. They were almost caught when our stunning brunette walked in and asked for help. The man left the girls alone to do something else, and before long, the brunette was sitting on the redhead’s tongue. Her mouth did wonders on her aching cunt, and she was grinding down with enthusiasm. While the hot girls were fooling around in the car, the man returned and urged his coworker to take a phone call. This gave Bella a chance to pounce on his cock. She leaned over the window of the car and took his length in her warm mouth. They were in the middle of doggy-style fucking on the hood of the vehicle when the busty redhead mechanic returned. Now both of the babes were on their knees, sharing his sturdy dick. The sexy naked girls oiled each other up and caressed their tits while sucking on his balls and pulsating cock. He took the redhead from behind while she was feasting on the brunette’s cunt again. The man had a clear view of the action. His thrusts were hitting deep inside of her cunt, flicking over her sweetest spot. The naked girls switched positions, and now the other woman had her legs up in the air while the mechanics worked on her. After some time, they both wanted to try the cowgirl. The busty redhead went first while the other woman tugged on his balls to make him moan louder. She bounced on his cock with enthusiasm, and after reaching her high, they gladly switched places. Bella couldn’t get enough of his hard length as she straddled his lap, facing the redhead, who mounted her face while they were riding out their orgasms.






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