Two lesbians are enjoying a romantic pool day when their annoying neighbor barges in

Roxie leads an extraordinary sex life, always eager to explore new experiences and unfulfilled with monogamous relationships. Today, she invited her girlfriend, Xxlayna, to spend the afternoon indulging in passion by her house’s pool. As foreplay commenced, an unexpected neighbor interrupted, visibly uncomfortable at the half-naked sight. Shyly, he asked Roxie for a cup of sugar, claiming he had misplaced his. Upon entering the house, Roxie and her guest wasted no time. Although her sexual schedule was a bit disrupted, she wasn’t willing to miss out on a big cock today. Engaging in a proficient and perverted blowjob, she skillfully pleasured the neighbor until his cock reached maximum stiffness. Curious about Roxie’s prolonged absence, Xxlayna ventured inside and stumbled upon the captivating scene of her girlfriend expertly handling a sizable cock. Incensed, she decided it was time for revenge. Quietly entering the adjacent room, she readied her tools. After some time, she entered her girlfriend’s room with a strapon around her waist. The guy left a long time ago. Without thinking, she inserted a large dildo into her horny cunt, which went almost all the way in without any problems. Roxie opened her eyes and seemed to have been waiting for this moment. As if her goal was to provoke the girl so that she would do her best to satisfy her so that no man could. She was thrusting herself so hard and hard into her girlfriend that only loud moans and pleas could be heard to fuck her even faster and harder. The smell of sex spread in the room, and a huge strategic energy was felt. Both lesbians took turns licking and tongue fucking their cunts. Roxie came so intensely that she excited the whole neighborhood with her moans. She was very well satisfied for today. Tomorrow is a new day, and new sexy adventures are on the horizon.






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