Just look at all the cum leaking out of me!

It’s Friday, the weekend’s almost here, and coed Rissa is feeling frisky and horny. Her guy has just come home from work to find her putting on a show for him. This chick is so crazy. She’s actually found a French maid’s dress and a little brush. As he walks into the room, she “cleans” for him and plays the submissive little servant girl like a real actress. He notices how much effort she’s putting into this and also how horny the little girl is. He sits down to get a better look. Soon enough, this French maid loses her top, and a pair of huge titties start to dangle about. He, too, whips his dick out. He is reminded of why it is he got with this girl in the first place. Such succulent titties, such a desire to please and serve her man! He could only watch with awe at her huge, bouncy breasts. Not one-minute passes, and the pair are sitting on the couch. She uses her little brush to “clean” his cock. What this does is it actually arouses her guy even more. He quickly stands up and stuffs his girl’s face with his cock. It’s big, hard, and girthy. Rissa has real trouble showing it down her throat. Perhaps her pussy can take it easier? He lays her down on the couch and enters her tiny pussy in missionary. The girl’s little hole stretches and grips her boyfriend’s cock. The horny busty teen wraps her legs around him holding him tight against her, making him fill her up with his semen.


Her cunt starts milking him as she feels his cock pulsing inside her, his sperm spurts deep inside her sex. He groans as he explodes deep in her vagina. She quivers around him as her clenching sex pulls the last of the cum from his dick. She holds her pussy lips apart and the white sticky river of cum starts running down her slit. He is looking at the most beautiful thing, his cum leaking out of his girlfriend’s pussy. THis cum slut just loves the feeling of his cum inside her soaking pussy. As they pass into reverse cowgirl, he cums in her pussy one more time. She grounds herself against his pubic bone, milking more and more sperm from his cock. He has filled her pussy with so much cum it is leaking out all over his cock. Sure, most couples would stop after climaxing together, but not these two. He stands up, walks around a bit, and takes a breather. This is only a prelude to the serious doggy fucking that follows. Risa moans and screams as his cock gives her more sperm. He wants to cum inside her again and again like he’s trying to get her pregnant. She wants it to last, and she wants her boyfriend to fill her pussy again. In her submissive mind, this is her purpose – to be a little fuckhole for her guy to cum in. Having such a horny sexy cum loving slut always makes him cum buckets full. He can’t hold it anymore and blows another load into her body. He doesn’t pull out and fills her pussy as hard and as deep as he can. “Just look at all the cum leaking out of me!”






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