Redheaded cutie gets back at her boyfriend by doing anal with me

The very moment I met the gorgeous redhead Verlonis and saw her breathtaking body, I knew I would grow feelings toward her. Thankfully, she’s texted me to pick her up from a party she went to with her boyfriend. While chatting, she reveals that her BF left with some random girl at the party and completely abandoned her. I could see her angered face disappear as she stared into my eyes, and soon enough, she started to smile seductively. The more we chatted, the more she wanted to get back at her loser of a BF, and since we had time to spare, she decided I was the best person for that task. Before even having the chance to touch her, she began sliding off my pants and grabbing my bulge. Without wasting a moment, the little slut began licking the shaft and wrapping her lips around the tip to show off her blowjob skills. Watching her passionately sucking me off got me harder than ever, so I made sure to park in the woods as soon as possible and go into the back seat for more space. Once I could spread my legs comfortably, she excitedly straddled me with a lustful look in her eyes. I watched in disbelief as she grabbed my thick dick with her small hands and slowly slid it up her tight little ass. Once the tip penetrated inside, she started bouncing ever so gently until every inch of my rod was inside of her. I couldn’t believe how well she was taking it up the bum, considering how huge I am and how petite her sweet body is.


It didn’t take long before her slim legs started to give out, but instead of taking a break, she joyfully bent over and let me do as I pleased. I couldn’t refuse the offer, so I swiftly rushed behind her to give her sweet tush a nice and deep pounding in doggy style. I slipped the head of my prick in between the crack of her cute little ass and pushed. I felt her open to my force. I shoved my cock all the way inside her in one swift thrust. Pumping into her tight ass felt so good, she was clenching her muscles around my cock squeezing the pre-cum from it. Plowing her tight, juicy tush tired out my legs pretty quickly, but as I pulled out to catch my breath, the naked girl jumped out of the car and on her knees to blow me. This time she wasn’t messing around with a standard blowjob, but instead, she began vigorously deepthroating me. Once her throat got tired, I lifted her up and returned the favor by fingering her shivering pussy with pure passion. I could feel that one finger wasn’t enough, so slowly but surely, I stuck the second one in and felt her insides beginning to tighten. That’s when I used all of my strength to vigorously finger her twat, and my efforts paid off since she soon squirted all over the floor. Despite being exhausted from the intense squirting, Verlonis bent over again and let me pound her asshole until I was ready to cum.






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