Hot babe gets her stepdad to drive her to the gym by riding his BBC

Jovan tries his best to be a good stepdad to Kelsey. He’s really fond of her in a fatherly way. However, she likes nagging him. Right now, she’s begging him to drive her to the gym. He is in the middle of something and can’t really help her. Kelsey is not the kind that takes no for an answer. She says she’ll do anything for him to make him pay attention to her and drive her. She goes so far as to take off her panties and present her perfect bubble butt to him! To be honest the girl has one of the best asses you have ever seen! Just a perfect, flawless gym booty! What is a good stepdad to do? He can’t really reject her. That would just break her tender heart. So, he does what he usually would – he pulls his pants down and goes to work on her tiny throat. Kelsey is excited and a bit intimidated by the size of his BBC. It’s huge, but she somehow manages to stuff it down her throat. She looks into her stepdad’s eyes just before he makes her stand up and enters her from the back. The blonde moans her sexy soul out as his huge penis stretches her white pussy wide open. He has his fun with her, making her sit on his erect black pole, fucking her in missionary and in cowgirl. His black balls are slapping hard against her throbbing clit. The girl cums many times over, but now it’s time to make him cum. Little Miss Kane is the kind of girl who only feels satisfied when her man cums hard. The hot babe gets on top of him in reverse cowgirl and rides his black dick to the best of her abilities. She feels her stepdad get close, and as he tries to pull out, she nails her ass down onto him. Unwillingly, he fills her little pussy to the brim. “Ok, you naughty devil, go get cleaned up because I’m taking you to the gym,” Jovan says through a smile.






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