Sexy hairdresser offers a relaxing service to her handsome customer

Slutty hairdresser Mandy knows just how to take care of him as he waits for his girlfriend to get her hair done. The gorgeous brunette put a rag on his girlfriend’s eyes, so she couldn’t see anything, then she took her top off and pushed his face into her soft tits! He got hard instantly. Mandy dropped down to her knees and took his stiff cock into her mouth. She loves sex, and she loves sneaky sex. She loves the excitement of the possibility of getting caught. She worked her tongue over his shaft, going from his balls to his head. The slut took him as far down her throat as she could, and he couldn’t stop his moans. She went at it for some time, slobbering up his cock and letting the spit cover her face. They finally started fucking in reverse cowgirl. Mandy rubbed her clit while he pounded into her from underneath. After a while, they sat on the black couch, and she straddled him, sinking down on his cock to continue the fucking. Her big juicy ass bounced with every hard thrust into her dripping cunt. They tried to keep quiet, but the pleasure was too much, and Mandy loved to scream. His girlfriend didn’t suspect a thing while she talked with the hairdresser. He wanted to look at her face, so he pushed her to lie down in the chair. After sitting down, she spread her legs in the air, and he had a perfect view of his dick entering her sweet cunt. Horny naked hairdresser pulled at her nipples and moaned nasty things to him. He turned her around in the chair to smash her cunt in doggy style. His length went in and out of her at a fast pace, chasing the incoming climax. They were both thoroughly fucked out by the time he shot hot jizz out of his throbbing cock.






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